Waste Free Living Workshops

Council aims to run two educational workshops each year around the reducing waste. In the past these have included information around using cloth nappies, waste free parenting and food waste. Workshops are run  by Kate Meads, providing lots of tips and tricks to reduce your waste as well as information about why we need to look at reducing the waste we produce.

To find out when the next workshop will be held contact Council's Waste Minimisation Officer on 0800 801 350.

At the workshops you will learn about:

  • Saving money with waste free methods
  • The environmental impact of how we live
  • Environmental options for laundry and bathroom
  • Ways to reduce waste with little ones in the house

More information about the workshop.

Workshops cost $10 per individual/couple to attend, this includes a goodie bag with at least $50 worth of samples to get you started on reducing waste.

* Please note you must book and pay to confirm your space. Each workshop has up to 50 places. 

Below are some examples of goodie bags, please note these will vary depending on the content and ticket price.

Waste Free Parenting Packs (valued at $100) include: 2 x nappies, 1 RUMP (reuseable menstrual product), 1 honey wrap, soapnuts, 1 kai carrier pack, 1x 140ml pouch, 1x 300ml pouch, 1 snack pack, 1 sandwich wrap, plus free samples.


Waste Free Living Packs (valued at $100) include: 2 x RUMP, 3 x honey wrap snack food bag, soaputs, large kai carrier pack, 3 x 140ml pouch, 3 x 300ml pouch, 3 snack packs, 3 sandwich wraps, plus free samples.


For more information about reducing your waste, check out our other waste minimisation pages above.  



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