Second Hand Sunday

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Second Hand Sunday

Do you have stuff you would like to get rid of but it is too good to put in the rubbish or too bulky to take to your local second-hand store? Then this may be your answer!  

​The Clutha District Council's holds its annual Second Hand Sunday in October.

Second Hand Sunday works like a garage sale, but no money changes hands.  ​  ​

During Second Hand Sunday,  participants may place any goods they have to giveaway out at the gate with a sign that states the items are free to a good home.​

And if you forget to register you can still take part just put out a sign and have you items out at the street by 9am on Sunday (remember not to leave them out overnight).

What else do I need to know?

1.      Gather the items you want to give away.

2.      Identify a suitable site on your property boundary - e.g. driveway or near your letter box

3.      On Sunday from 9.00 am onwards:

  • Display the sign​ on your letter box.
  • Place items at the site no earlier than 9.00am.
  • At 5pm remove any items left, if they are left outside your property you'll be in breach of a bylaw.

4.      Exclusions: No food or dangerous goods, chemicals, faulty electrical equipment, firearms or rubbish.

If you are collecting items:

  • Only collect items at households where the Second Hand Sunday poster is displayed.
  • Only collect items between the advertised hours.
  • We recommend you have electrical items checked to make sure they are safe.
  • Do not enter their properties - no one wants to trespass.

Disclaimer: I understand I am responsible for uncollected goods and will move them back inside if not collected by end of day. By my participation in the Second-Hand Sunday activities I agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out and that the Clutha District Council has no liability to any person for any loss of or damage to goods or for injury or death to person whether arising from negligence or otherwise and in anyway caused by or connected with the Second-Hand Sunday activities. I agree that things such as food or dangerous goods like faulty electrical equipment, chemicals or firearms will be excluded from this activity.

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