Vehicle Crossing

​​​A vehicle crossing is the section of driveway from the front of the property boundary to the roadway.
​Any alterations such as widening and extensions or new installations must first be approved by Council through an application for a Vehicular Crossing.

To apply for a service connection visit our forms page​.

Two inspections may be required for vehicle crossings

Pre-pour inspection

This is to check that all of the vehicle crossing specifications have been adhered to such as proximity to other services and properties, depth, width of crossing etc. Contact us to arrange a time for this when the concrete boxing is up, and at least 48 hours before the concrete is poured.

Final inspection

We will carry out a final inspection when the work is complete, and all Council assets are in place, such as the water meter, footpath repairs and the berm. Contact Council on 0800 801 350 to arrange a time for this.

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