Road, Bridge & Water Notices


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Road​​​ Clo​​​su​​r​es (up​​dated 3/3/20)

Please do NOT drive down the closed roads listed below. They may look fine, but be badly damaged and are a danger to use. Road users need to be aware that any damage done to their vehicles on closed roads is not covered by insurance. 

​​These roads remain closed:​

  • Burning Plain Road

  • Winslade Road​

  • River Bank Road (this was closed before the flood)

Open but 4 wheel drive recommended:

  • ​Chapman Road

  • Pomahaka River Road

  • Koi Flat Road

  • Ross Road​

Please note that the Nuggets Road is down till one lane till further notice.

Gravel Road Dust ​Supp​​ression Options

​The Clutha District Council confirmed through the 2016/17 Annual Plan process that it would not be undertaking any oiling of gravel roads.  Council have the following two options available for residents concerned about dust from gravel roads:​​

  • Dust Suppressant by Applicant
    This allows residents to apply to Council to undertake Dust Suppression themselves or to employ a Contractor to undertake this work. 

  • Semi-Permanent Seal - applications to Council by August each year
    This allows residents to apply to have a Semi–Permanent Seal applied to their section of road. This can be paid in full by the customer (over several years through rates) or Council are prepared to offer 50% assistance for up to 10 sites every year based on priority criteria. 

More information on these options is available through Council’s web-site  or call Council on 0800 801 350 and ask for Melanie Scott, Operations Administrator.

Steve Hill

​​Roadside w​​eed spraying

​Delta Utility Services Limited, on behalf of the Clutha District Council and Southroads, apply herbicides to pest plants (noxious weeds) and road shoulders.

This work is for the Road Maintenance Contract 756 and includes roadsides in both urban and rural areas.

Tordon Brushkiller and red dye is applied to pasts plants. Glysophate is applied to road shoulders​.

Anticpated spary areas taking place week starting 17 February 2020, weather permitting:

Townships: Nil:

​Sealed Roads: Nil

Unsealed Roads: Lawrence/Tuapkea, West Otago and Clutha Valley

Pest Plants: Nil


Milton Cons​​​erve Water 

24 March 2020

We are experiencing extra demand for water in Milton, and our reservoir is struggling to cope. We are checking the situation, but it may be because more people are at home now.

Please only use water where essential.​

Boil Water Notice - Tuapeka West

A Boil Water Notice is in place for Tuapeka West.  This means that those affected will need to boil any drinking water for one minute before drinking it. ​

This includes any water that will be consumed, such as water to brush your teeth, food preparation and washing food that will not be cooked e.g. salad vegetables and ready-to-eat fruit.  ​​

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Bridge Closures and​​ Restr​​ictions

Notification of weight and speed limits on bridges. (Heavy Vehicle Regulations 1974 - Regulation 11)

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Regulation 11 (3) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974, the Clutha District Council has fixed the following maximum weight (and/or speed) limits for heavy motor vehicles and combinations including a heavy motor vehicle on the bridges described hereunder:

List of bridges weight and speed limits​ ​​ (PDF, 123KB)​

​SH8 Be​​aumont Bridg​​​e replaceme​​​nt project​

​The​​​ existing 134 year-old single lane bridge, one of the oldest on the highway network, and a critical link on SH8 between Milton and Roxburgh in Central Otago​, is n​earing the end of its economic life.​

 Click here to learn more and follow the project's progress​.​​


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