Road, Bridge & Water Notices


​​​​Boil Water Notices

Users on the North Bruce including Tokoiti and Waihola rural water schemes will no longer need to boil their water.  The boil water notice has been lifted and test results are in the clear. 

The following rural water schemes are still on Boil Water Notice until Council and Contractors have sampling results to provide confidence to remove these.
  • Balmoral 1
  • Balmoral 2
  • Tuapeka East
  • Glenkenich
  • Tuapeka West, Evans Flat
  • North Richardson

The boil water notice is in place due to the effects of the wide-spread rain and flooding on November 21 and because water supply is low.

You will need to boil any drinking water for one minute before drinking it. This includes any water that will be consumed, such as water to brush your teeth, food preparation and washing food that will not be cooked e.g. salad vegetables and ready-to-eat fruit. 

For more information about added protection for your water tanks, to reduce the risk of contamination visit Council's brochure's page.  This brochure has been kindly provided by Public Health South. 

 Rural Water Scheme areas map (PDF, 710KB)

Road's Closed till Further Notice

The following roads are ​closed due to the wide-spread rain and flooding on November 21.

  • Titri Rd, Waihola

  • Begg's Track, Clydevale – Moore Road to Awamangu Road end (at this stage it will be closed until at least Christmas)

The following roads are open but Council asks road users to use caution as these roads have been affected by the November flood and work to repair will take time.

  • Rongahere Road (the odd tress is still falling down due to sodden ground.)
  • Black Gully Road West, Crookston
  • Wooded Hill Rd, Kelso
  • Paradise Flat Rd, Park Hill
  • Greenvale Rd, Kelso
  • Koi Flat, West Otago
  • West Otago Rd
  • Clydevale Road, Clydevale (between MacFarlane Rd and Pomahaka River Rd)
  • Walker Rd, Kelso
  • Mitchell's Flat Rd
  • Black Bridge Road, Clydevale
  • Black Bridge Rd Tokoiti at Elliotvale end
  • North Branch Rd, Milton
  • MacFarlane Rd, Clydevale
  • Ross Rd, Clydevale
  • Pomahaka River Rd, Clydevale
  • Bruce Rd, Milton
  • Table Hill from the one lane bridge to Bruce Rd, Milton
  • Sheddan Rd
  • Waipori Falls Road
  • Maunsell's Dip
  • Waitahuna Gully Rd, by the old gold mine
  • Taieri Ferry Road, Waihola
  • Tuapeka Flat Road
  • Corkscrew Road
  • Reserve Road

​​Due to the wide area affected by the rain and wind in the Clutha District, repairs will be done based on importance of road and level of damage.  Also there is expected bleeding of slip areas, as the land is very wet, which will be ongoing for the next few months.  For these reasons Council ask motorists to drive with caution around the district particularly on the roads listed below and on any in the more remote areas.  

Spray Notice

Delta Utility Services Ltd, on behalf of the​ Clutha District Council and South Road's apply herbicides to pest plants (noxious weeds) and road shoulders.

​​​This work is for the Road Maintenance contract 756 and includes roadsides in both urban and rural areas.

Tordon brushkiller and red dye is applied to pest plants. Glyphosate is applied to road shoulders.

​Anticipated spraying are​​​as taking place for the week starting 12 November include:

Urban Spraying​ (Kerb an​d Channel)

  • Owaka, Pounawea, Papatowai, Clinton and Waiwera South.

Total Vegetation Control Spraying (of road shoulder edges)

  • ​Sealed roads :  West Otago, Balclutha and Clutha.

  • Unsealed Roads :  All South Area Roads are complete – Remaining site in the North Taieri Mouth and is consistently wind affected.

  • ​​​Pest Plants: West Otago, Lawrence/Tuapeka and​ Bruce.​

​​If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact Council on 0800 801 350 or

​​​​​​Road Closures


PURSUANT to the Transport (Vehicular Traffic Road Cl​osure) Regulations 1965 notice is hereby given that NZ Transport Agency and Clutha District Council, for the purpose of the Tapanui Christmas Street Parade, propose to close the following streets to ordinary vehicular traffic for the period indicated hereunder.

​Streets proposed to be closed to ordinary vehicular traffic:

State Highway:

  • SH90 Suffolk St & Northumberland St between Sussex & Kent streets

Council Roads:

  • Essex St from Sussex St to Northumberland St
  • Bushyhill St between Pine St & Northumberland St
  • Kent St from Forest St to Northumberland St
  • Maple St from Derby St to Northumberland St
  • Pine St from Bushyhill St to Forest St
  • Derby St from Maple St to Boundary St
  • Forest St East from Pine St to Maple St
  • Forest St West from Maple St to Kent St
  • Bushyhill St from Northumberland St to Pine St
  • Northumberland St from Suffolk St to Bushyhill St

​During the proposed period of closure, the following provision will be made for ordinary vehicular traffic which would otherwise use the State Highway:

Detour via:  Station Road, Kent Street, Sussex Street.

Period of proposed closure: Monday, 24 December 2018 between the hours of 6pm and 8.30pm.

Any person objecting to the proposal to close SH90 is called upon to lodge notice of their objection and grounds thereof in writing before 5pm, 28 November 2018 at the office of the NZ Transport Agency, Level 2, AA Building, 450 Moray Place, PO Box 5245, Dunedin 9058

Any person objecting to the proposal to close the local (Clutha District Council) roads is called upon to lodge notice of their objection and grounds thereof in writing, before 4pm, 28 November 2018 at the office of the Clutha District Council, 1 Rosebank Terrace, PO Box 25, Balclutha 9230​.

PURSUANT to the Local Government Act 1974, Schedule 10 (clause 11), Notice is given that the Clutha District Council, for the purpose of Pounawea New Year’s Eve Party, proposes to close the following road to ordinary vehicular traffic for the period indicated hereunder.  

DATE: Monday 31 December 4.00pm until Tuesday 8.00am 01 January 2019 

ROAD:                                        FROM:
Pounawea Road            Arthur Street to Park Lane
Park Lane (east end)             Ocean Grove to end of road
Noble Street                        Full length

DETOUR:  Via Arthur Road, Wratten Road and Ocean Grove.
Any person objecting to the proposal is called upon to lodge notice of his/her objection and grounds thereof in writing before Friday 14 December 2018, to the office of the Clutha District Council, Rosebank Terrace, PO Box 25, Balclutha 9240.

​​​Roading Conditions

Here are some simple tips from the NZTA when advised to drive "to the conditions".

  • Drive later in the morning if you can

  • Keep your speed down

  • Look out for ice/frost/slush patches on corners, in shady areas, and on bridge decks but be aware that black ice blends into the road

  • Increase following distances

  • Check the conditions before you head out

Remember to check the MetService e for the latest weather information and the NZ Transport Agency website for the latest info on State Highways.

​Milton Water

Milton Discoloured Water Event May 2018

In May 2018 Milton water supply was significantly affected by a 'dirty water' event.  Harrison Grierson consultants were engaged to investigate the data collected and provide an explanation for the sudden outbreak.

The town water was proven to have elevated levels of iron, manganese and organic carbon.  This resulted in a brown colour in the drinking water.

The retrospective assessment of the problems reveals that it was most likely two events:

  1. Breakdown of pH correction equipment at the treatment plant – this device injects an agent that raises the pH of the water to make it less acidic.  When this happens it makes the clarifying process much less effective and this resulted in a high level of dissolved organic carbon and its associated colour to enter the water supply.
  2. Flushing programme – in an effort to remove the discoloured water from the water supply a vigorous programme followed where fire hydrants were opened to force the flow of water through the pipework.  This is likely to have disturbed settled manganese and iron that accumulates over time within the pipe network.

Milton Dirty Water Event October 2018

During late October sporadic dirty water events occurred in Milton.  The output from the treatment plant was very good in relatation to iron and manganese accumulation however, it may have been disturbed as flow rates in the pipe network increase due to warmer weather.

To minimise these events there are a number of actions that can be taken:​

  1. Improved water treatment at the source to remove iron and manganese before it passes through the treatment process.  This would require the installation of a special greensand filter that can remove these elements and prevent future build-up in the water mains.  This would need to be installed between the clarifier and the membrane plant.
  2. Dosing the water with potassium permanganate to remove the manganese and iron.
  3. Continue flushing the mains to remove any remaining deposits.

Council's contractor continues to flush the water mains regularly to ensure there is no significant build-up of sediment.​

If Milton residents are still having issues with their water, then please make sure you lodge a service request through Council by ringing 0800 801 350.

Water Restrictions

The Clutha District is now in Stage 1 Summer Mode water restrictions.  Watering is allowed from 8pm to 8am with systems not to be left unattended or on overnight.

Remember you can sign up to receive emails about water notices via Council's website:​​​

Bridge Restrictions

Notification of weight and speed limits on bridges. (Heavy Vehicle Regulations 1974 - Regulation 11)

Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Regulation 11 (3) of the Heavy Motor Vehicle Regulations 1974, the Clutha District Council has fixed the following maximum weight (and/or speed) limits for heavy motor vehicles and combinations including a heavy motor vehicle on the bridges described hereunder:

 Bridges and Restrictions​​ (PDF, 209KB)​

​SH8 Beaumont Bridge replacement project​

The existing 134 year-old single lane bridge, one of the oldest on the highway network, and a critical link on SH8 between Milton and Roxburgh in Central Otago, is n​earing the end of its economic life.​

NZ Transport Agency ​have set up a website so people can follow the progress of the bridge replacement property.  Click here to learn more and follow the project's progress​.
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