Outstanding Natural Landscapes Review

​The Clutha District Council is in the initial stages of reviewing the Outstanding Natural Landscapes in the district as part of our District Plan review.

The Council has identified areas in the district as having opportunities for an outstanding natural landscape classification in the District Plan. We want to ensure that areas of outstanding natural landscapes are appropriately managed.

Below are the two background documents that have assisted the Council in its review, as well as our initial maps that we have proposed for our Outstanding Natural Landscapes.

We invite feedback from the landowners in these areas and the broader community.

  • Find out more about our District Plan Zoning Review here
  • Information about planning and the District Plan can be found here
  • A copy of the actual District Plan and maps is found  here

Tell us what you think

We want feedback from you about this review. 

So please leave your comments and details below or give us a call on 0800 801 350 and ask to speak to a planner.

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