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​​​District Plan

The Clutha District Plan is a legal document which helps the Council manage how land is used and developed. The district plan is a document which is used by council to guide decision making under the Resource Management Act. As a district council we are responsible for making decisions about: 

- The effects of land use or a new activity
- Subdivisions
- The effect of activities on the surface of rivers and  lakes

The District Plan is the key document Council can use to manage the development across the district by regulating the environmental effects created by new buildings and activities.

The plan contains rules that may affect you if you are undertaking a development, subdivision or land use proposal. There are general provisions and rules which relate to any development across the district and also specific rules depending on what zone your property is located within.   If your proposed activity is not permitted by the plan then you may be required to apply for resource consent. Information about the resource consent process can be found on our Resource Consents webpage

You can find our District Plan here, including information about how to use it along with Council's GIS Property Mapping Tool. 

Plan Changes

The Council reviews and updates the District Plan from time to time. It is important that you are aware of what changes have been made to the District Plan and if there are any upcoming proposals to change the District Plan.

The District Plan is a document that that is developed for the community and it is important that you are able to be informed and involved in any changes to the Plan. If you need to check the accuracy and currency of any of the documents in this section contact the District Plan team.

​Proposed Changes

​Plan Change​Status
39-41 Rezoning of Balclutha​, Stirling and MiltonUnderway

It is important to note that depending on the progress of the proposed plan change, under the Resource Management Act, the proposed changes can trigger a resource consent or can be taken into account when making decisions on resource consents. For help working out what you should be considering please call us on 0800 801 350 and ask to speak to a planner.

Private Plan Changes

Any person can request a private plan change. A private plan change is a process that is not initiated by the Council but undergoes a similar process as any other plan change. For more information on this process you can visit the Ministry for the Environment website or the Quality Planning website.

Our Fees and Charges set out the current fees for undertaking a private plan change.  

For more information on this process please call us on 0800 801 350 and ask to speak to a planner. 

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