Fees & Charges to 30 June 2019


​​Amusement Device Permit (set by statute)

​1a​First device for up to 7 days​11.50
​1b ​Each additional device for up to 7 days​2.30
​1c​For further period of up to 7 days​1.20

 Building Consent Fees

  • Note - All fee deposits must be paid upon application.
  • All deposits are based on expected officer involvement and are calculated relative to the estimated value of work.
  • In relation to deposits (minimum charges) paid, there shall be no obligation on the Council to perform any action until the appropriate charges are paid in full.
  • Charges may be reduced proportionally for consent elements certified by a building certifier or by way of a producer statement.
  • Hourly rate for extra processing - $142

Estimated Value $Building
(without Plumbing & Drainage)
(with Plumbing & Drainage)
​5,001 - 10,000639852
​10,001 - 25,0008521,136
​25,001 - 50,0001,207​1,491
​50,001 - 75,0001,420​1,846
​75,001 - 100,0001,7752,485
​100,001 - 200,000​2,059​2,769
​200,001 - 400,000​2,6983,408
​400,001 - 600,0003,053​3,976
​600,001 - 1,000,0003,5504,544
​over 1,000,000Actual Costs ​$142​.00 per hour

​Relocated Dwellings​1,775
​Solid Fuel Heater - Freestanding​320
​Solid Fuel Heater - Inbuilt & Residential Boilers​462
​Prefabricated Dwellings​2,130
​Plumbing and Drainage (not including septic tanks)​355
​Septic Tanks​462
​Swimming Pool Application284
​Swimming Pool Renewal142
​Notice to Fix568​
Amendment - Minor Variation​107
​Amendment - Major​Actual costs
​Property Inspection and Report142 per hour

Residential: 142

Commercial: 284

​Compliance Schedule​142
​Amendment to Compliance Schedule107
​Warrant of Fitness142
​Building Warrant of Fitness Audit (on-site) 3-5 yearly​142/hr
​Certificate of Acceptance - (Building fee applicable as well)​355
​Certificate of Public Use​284
​Dangerous & Insanitary Building Inspection142/hr​
​Modification/Waiver of Building Code142​
​Certificate of Title​25
​Exemption - Schedule 1 Lodgement142
​Section 73 or 75  Title Registration​340
​Printing of Electronic Plans (including emailed information)

​A4 Black & White: .20

A3 Black & White: .40

A4 Colour: 1.00

A3 Colour: 2.00

Fees include the issuance of a Code Compliance Certificate upon satisfactory completion of work.

Additional Charges

​​​Building Research Levy.  A compliance schedule is in place, but no amendment is necessary from any work resulting from this building consent.

Building Levy is payable on values of $20,444 or more at a rate of $2.01 per $1,000 or part thereof, on the total value of the contract - GST inclusive.  The Total Value includes Plumbing and Drainage Work and is always taken to the next $1,000.​

​Accreditation Levy
This levy is payable on values of $20,000 or more at a rate of $1.00 per $1,000 or part thereof, on the total of
the contract. The Total Value includes plumbing and drainage work and is always taken to the next $1,000.

Vehicle Crossing Deposits 
All building consents applicants are required to sign an undertaking they will make good any repairs necessary to a footpath, kerb or road which may be damaged as a result of their activities.

Note: Council reserves the right to make additional charges depending upon circumstances, i.e. construction variations and/or re-inspections.

​​Building Reports:  $71 per annum

Building Infringement Offences:

​Failing to comply with the requirement that building work must be carried out in accordance with a building consent (section 40)​1,000
​Failing to apply for a certificate of acceptance for urgent building work as soon as practicable after completion of building work (section 42)​500
​Person who is not a licenced building practitioner carrying out restricted building work without supervision of licensed building practitioner with appropriate licence (section 85(1))​750
​Licensed building practitioner carrying out restricted building work without appropriate licence section (section 85 (2)(a))​500
​Licensed building practitioner supervising restricted building work without appropriate licence (section 85(2)(b))​500
​Failing to comply with the requirement to obtain a compliance schedule (section 101)​250
​Failing to supply territorial authority with a building warrant of fitness (section 108 (5)(aa)250​
​Failing to display a building warrant of fitness required to be displayed (section 108(5)(a))​250
​Displaying a false or misleading building warrant of fitness (section108(5)(b)) ​1,000
​Displaying a building warrant of fitness other than in accordance with section 108(5)(c)​1,000
​Using, or knowingly permitting the use of, a building for a use for which it is not safe or not sanitary (section 116B(1)(a))​1,500
​Using, or knowingly permitting the use of, a building that has inadequate means of escape from fire (section 116B(1)(b)) ​2,000
​Failing to comply with a notice, within the time stated in the notice, requiring work to be carried out on a dangerous, earthquake-prone, or insanitary building (section 124)​1,000
​Using or occupying a building, or permitting another person to do so, contrary to a territorial authority’s hoarding, fence, or notice (section 128)​2,000
​Failing to comply with a notice to fix (section 168)​1,000
​Person holding himself or herself out as being licensed to do or supervise building work or building inspection work while not being so licensed (section 314(1))​500
​Using, or permitting use of building having no consent or code compliance certificate or certificate for public use for premises for public use (section 363)​1,500
​Wilfully obstructing, hindering, or resisting a person executing powers conferred under the Act or its regulations (section 367)​500
​Wilfully removing or defacing a notice published under the Act or inciting another person to do so (section 368)​500

Camping Grounds

Annual Registration - Regulatory: $142

Taylor Park, Milton - Charges:

​Adult - single​15.50​ per day​15.50 per day
​Primary school​10.00 per day​10.00 per day
​Caravans (left on site)​15.50 per week
​Tents​10 per week
​Long Term Campers​ - maximum stay for long term campers is 52 consecutive days. ​100 per week​


​Purchase of Plots:
​RSA Plot​No charge
​Exhumation​Actual cost
​Burial Fees:
​Infant (up to 12 years)​50% of normal
​Breaking concrete​Actual cost


  • All interments are at extra depth, apart from Romahapa and Port Molyneux due to hard rock.
  • The pre-selling of plots is not permitted except that one adjacent plot may be purchased at time of interment.

Dog Control and Registration Fees

​Registration (dogs aged 3 months or over at 1 July 2018):
​Rural Non-Working48​
​Rural Working​38
​Urban (Working and Non-Working)​68
​Responsible Dog Owner - per dog​48
​Dangerous Dog​Base fee plus 50%
​All new registrations for pups and dogs under 3 months of age reduced proportionately by one twelfth (1/12) per month, according to the date registered.
Penalty Charge (after 1 August):
​Rural Non-Working​24
Rural Working​19
Urban - Working & Non-Working​34
​Responsible Dog Owner​24​
Application Fees:
​Responsible Dog Owner​20
​Three or more Dogs (Non-Working)​62
Impounding Fees - Dogs:
​First offence60
​Second offence​90
​Third offence​120
Impounding Fees - Stock:
​Sheep/goats (first animal, $15 per head thereafter)​35
​Horse/cattle/deer (first animal $20 per head and thereafter)​110
​Sustenance ​per day or part thereof​15 per day or thereof
​Microchipping (non working dog)30
​Euthanasia fee (per animal)actual cost
​Advertising ​actual cost

Council Community Housing

Township​Location​Unit Size​Rent
​Balclutha​Argyl​e Street​Single​118
​Naish Court​Single​118
​Toshvale ​Single​103
​Milton​Elderlee Street​Single​103
​Spenser Street​Single​108
  • Note: double units will be rented to a single tenant at a double rate.
  • Carport: $5 per week

Equipment Hire

Binding - Ring (per copy)​2
​1 - 25 pages​2.25
​26 - 50 pages​2.50
​51 - 99 pages​3
​100 + pages​3.50

Facsimile Charges

​Domestic (per page)​.50
International (per page)​​1.00
​Receiving (per page)​.20

Food Premises Charges

Food businesses with food control plans or national programmes approved from 1 March 2016 under Food Control Act 2014. 

Application fee for:

(a) New registration of template food control plan or food business in a national programme for new or existing business: $142

(b) Multi-Site Business - in addition to above - additional fee per site: $71 

(c) Renewal of registration for:

  • template food control plan (every 12 months from initial application): $71 
  • national programme (every 24 months from initial application): $71

(c) Amendments and significant change in circumstances: $142

Audit/verification (hourly rate - invoiced following visit): $142

Food Control Plan documents (per pack): $35

Food Hygiene Regulations 1974:

​Annual Registration​Inspection Frequency​Annual Charge
​12 months210
​18 months​165
​24 months​140
​36 months​120
​48 months​105

Funeral Directors

Registr​​ations: $142

Gambling Venues Application

Fee: $284​​

GIS Mapping

Charges will vary d​​​epending on size and content of map required. A quote will be given on application.


Annual Registration: $120

Hall Charges​​​​

 Balclutha Memorial Hall

During Event – Entire complex – includes kitchen, Somerville Lounge, Main Hall, Stage and access to sound system.

Day (8.30am to 4pm)160
Evening (4pm to late)​160​
​Day + Evening (8.30am to late)​300​
​Setup or rehearsal times when the Hall is not available to other users will be charged at 75% of above rates.
If the Hall is needed across these times then the Day/Night rate will be applied, this also includes setup the night before an event.
​Bond (doesn’t apply to locals with previous good hireage history)500​
​Call out fee100​
​Kitchen Hire Only (per hr, minimum 3 hrs)20​
Somerville Lounge – includes lounge and kitchen access
​Hourly Rate Minimum charge $20​20 per hour
​Day (8.30am to 4pm)60​
​​Evening (4pm to late)​60​
Day + Evening (8.30am to late)
R​ifle Club – basement facilities only, available when main hall not in use 250.00 per annum​​​


Event Billboards (Balclutha)​Cost per week
​Town Hall – one week included with a two day/night hire​20
​Rosebank Triangle20​
​Water Tower Reserve20​
Note: Preference for bookings will be given to those who have booked events at the Balclutha Town Hall.

Clutha District Council​Cost per hour
​Council Room Hire36

Hawkers License

Set by statute: $23

Itinerant Trader

Set by statute: casual $11.50 (per day). Per annum: $115

Kerbside Rental

For each operator per annum: $142

Land Information Memorandum (LIM)

LIM​Up to 10 working days​Urgent (2-3 days)
​Residential/Rural deposit215310
​Commercial/Industrial deposit​330​420

Where search requirements are complex or extensive an additional charge at the rate of $140 per hour may be charged.

Legal Document Sealing

Signing and sealing documents not initiated by Clutha District Council (e.g. assignments of lease): $35.

Library Charges

DVD rental​3
​Interlibrary Loans - minimum fee​7
​Replacement Membership Cards​2
​Talking Book Rental​3
​Laminating​A4: 2  / A3: 3
​Jigsaw Rental1

​Domestic per page: .50

International per page: 1

Receiving per page: .20

​Book covering​10

​Short loan books per day .50

Standard loans adults per day .20 children per day .10

​Lost/damaged materials​Replacement cost
​Temporary Membership (up to 3 months)10​

Mobile Shop

Set by statute: annual licence fee: $115

Noise Control

Recovery of seized equipment

  • Contractors charges and travelling: actual cost
  • Council administration: $142

Offensive Traders

  • Tankered Waste Operators: $426
  • Others: $142

Official Information

Schedule of Charges for the Provision of Information under the Local Government and Meetings Act 1987

(a) If the request is made by an identifiable person seeking access to any personal information about that person, then such requests are not subject to any charge.

(b) If the amount of staff time spent actioning a request exceeds one hour then the basis of charging is as follows:

  • An initial charge for the first chargeable half hour or part thereof: $38
  • Then for each additional half hour or part thereof: $38

(c) A charge may be modified or waived at the discretion of the Chief Executive where payment might cause the applicant financial hardship, or where a remission or reduction of the charge would facilitate good relations with the public, or assist the applicant in its work.

(d) Photocopying charges for official information are 20 cents per A4, where the total number of pages is in excess of 20 pages.


​Per Page:
​Colour A4 and aerial photography 1.00
​Colour A3​2.00
​No multiple copy discount
​Scanning​No charge

Rate Enquiry

Prior year(s) (per hour): $55

Rate Postponement

Rate Postponement Fee: $50 + Council's internal borrowing rate of the outstanding amount.

Reserve Contributions

See Rule FIN 7 District Plan

  • Subdivision (per residential, commercial or industrial allotment created): $520
  • Building (per dwelling house, where no charge has previously been levied): $520

Resource Consent Application

​​Boundary activity (Fixed Fee)​​284
Controlled (deposit)*:
Discretionary (deposit)*:
Non-Complying (deposit)*:​
​Section 125 Renewals142
Section 127 Change of Conditions375​
Subdivision Consent (deposit)*:
​i. Land Transfer Title - Survey Plan (no limit on allotments)820​
​ii. Cross Lease/Unit Title - per plan (no limit on allotments)820
​Note: If plan submitted under (i) or (ii) is non-complying or discretionary then the applicant will be charged either the above fee, or the fee chargeable for a non-complying or discretionary activity, whichever is greater.
​iii. Council Certification on
- Section 223 
- Section 224c (or ss223 and 224c in conjunction)
- Cross Lease/Unit Title Plan
- Previous Plans 
Section 226 Certificate
​iv. Application for Right of Way Consents, Easement Consents395
​Request for Plan Change (deposit)*:
​i. Minor Affect - not requiring reseach800 + public notice​
​ii. Moderate Affect - requiring standard research2,500 + public notice​
​iii. Major Affect - affects whole district13,500 + public notice​
​Consent Monitoring and Administration:
​Per hour of staff time142​
​ConsultantsActual cost​
​Outline Plan Approval (deposit)395
Resource Consent exemption (section 87BB)215 (fixed fee)​​
Certificate of Compliance395
​Overseas Investment Regulations Certificates (deposit)142​
Designations/Heritage Orders (deposit):
i. Minor
- Section 181 (3)
- No research

800 + public notice

ii. Moderate - standard research requirements2500 + public notice
​iii. Major - affects the large area of district13,500 + public notice​

 * At the completion of the service, actual costs are calculated and charged.

Roading Permits

​New Vehicle Crossing Permits​90
​Dust Suppression (Oiling) Permit – where dust suppressant carried out by applicant​​No charge
​Roadside Planting Permits​90
​Stock Crossing on Road Reserve​90
​Street or Road Opening​No charge
​Temporary Fencing Permits​9​0
​Temporary Road Closure​Actual cost of advertising plus cost of road inspection if necessary.

Sale and Supply of Alcohol (fees) Regulations 2013

Set by statute.  Following the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, national risk based fees apply for all applications received from 18 December 2013. All fees include GST.

​Type​Fees are set out in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Fees) Regulations 2013Application/Renew/Variation Fee inc. GST​Annual Fees inc. GST


new, renewal or variation

​Very Low

​ The fee will be calculated using an assessment of factors:

  • Type of premises
  • Latest opening hour you operate
  • Number of enforcements you have had (see Tables 1 & 2 to help calculate your fees).
​Very High​1,207.50​1,437.50
​Special​Application fees will ​ ​be calculated according to the size and frequency of the event or events.
​Class 3 (small)​1-2 events of less than 100 persons​63.25​N/A
​Class 2 (medium)1-3 events of 100-400 persons; or 3-12 Class 3 events​63.25​​N/A
​Class 1 (large)1 event with 401 persons; or 4+ Class 2 events or 13+ Class 3 events​207​​N/A
​Managers New or RenewalAll​316.25​N/A​
​Temporary Authority​Section 136(2)296.70​N/A​
​Temporary Licence​Section 74296.70​N/A​
​Permanent Club Charter​Section 414632.50​N/A​
​Extract from Register​Section 66(2)57.50​N/A​

* All fees are payable on application.
** All Annual fees on existing licences are payable on or prior to the anniversary of the most recent of the following:
• The date on which the licence was issued
• The date on which the licence was renewed
• The date on which a variation of the licence was granted

To calculate your Premises Risk Rating and Fee

Step 1 - select your premises type from Table 1 - record the weighting in the box below
Step 2 - select your latest closing time (based on what is on your licence) from Table 1 - record the weighting in the box below
Step 3 - select the number of enforcements for your premises in the last 18 months from Table 1 - record the weighting in the box below.
Step 4 - add all the recorded weightings together to get your final risk rating score
Step 5 - select your total weighting in Table 2 - this line in the table shows your risk category and fees applicable

​Premises Weighting Score​Hours Weighting ScoreEnforcement Weighting Score​Total Weighting Score​My Risk Category

Table 1: Determining a Premises Risk Rating and Fees

​Type of Licensed Premises​+​Latest Alcohol Sales Time
​Bottle Store, Supermarket, Grocery Store​15
​On-Licences and clubs before 2.01am;
Off-Licences before 10:01pm, Remote sales premises (at any time)
Night Clubs, Taverns, Adult Premises, "Class 1" Restaurants.​​15
On-Licences and Clubs 2.01am
Off-Licences 10.01pm and later​
​Off-Licence in a Tavern, Hotel​10​On-Licences and Clubs - all other closing times​5
​Hotels, Function Centres, "Class 1" Clubs (on) "Class 2" restaurants.​10

​Remote Sales, "Class 2" Clubs (on) "Class 3" Restaurants, "Class 1,2,3" Clubs (Off), other


​Theatres/Cinemas, Wine Cellar Doors, BYO Restaurants, "Class 3" Clubs (on)



​+​Number of Enforcements​Weighting
​2 or more​20

Table 2: Fee Category

Total Weighting​Risk Category​Application Fee (Incl GST)​Annual Fee (Incl GST)
​0-2​Very low​368.00​161.00
​26 plus​Very High​1027.501437.50​



  • Class 1 - Restaurants with a significant separate bar area which operates that bar at least one night a week in the nature of a tavern, such as serving alcohol without meals situated in the bar area.
  • Class 2 - Restaurants that have a separate bar (which may include a small bar area) but which do not operate that area in the nature of the tavern at any time.
  • Class 3 - Restuarants that only serve alcohol to the table and do not have a separate bar area.


  • Class 1 - Large (with 1,000 or more members of drinking age) and which, operate in the nature of a tavern (e.g. a large working men's club, combined clubs, or large 'cossie' clubs).
  • Class 2 - clubs which do not fit class 1 or class 3 definitions (e.g. larger sports clubs, medium sized RSA's, many provincial social clubs)
  • Class 3 - Small clubs (with up to 250 members of drinking age) and which operate a bar for 40 hours or less per week (e.g. small sports clubs like bowling clubs, golf clubs, bridge clubs, and small RSA's)
  • Enforcement - has the same meaning as a "holding" under section 288 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, or a previous offence for which a holding has been issued if the offence occured before 18 December 2013.


Sewerage Connection Fees

​Financial Contribution​See Formula Below
​Administration Charge - Application Fee​190.00
​Engineering and Installation Costs (Plant, Labour, Materials)​Actual Cost

For a new single connection inside the Scheme area, where the property has paid a previous financial contribution, or has been paying for hald rate charge for more than the five previous years, the Financial Contribution is not required but the other costs shown are payable. Where the property has been paying a half rate charge for less than the five previous years, the Financial Contribution shown shall be redurved pro-rata i.e. discounted 20% per year of half rate payment.

The Financial Contribution and other costs shown are payable for new connections outside the scheme area, and additional connections inside the Scheme area, where no previous financial contribution or hald rate charge has been paid.  Where intensification occurs, each self-contained habitable unit is deemed to be a separate connection for fees and rating purposes.

Where extensions have been made to existing schemes, the Financial Contribution for properties seved by the ectension includes the Financial Contribution for the existing scheme plus a contribution calculated on the basis of the value of the extension itself.


  • All properties connecting to or about to discharge to a public sewer shall complete the application form.
  • All costs associated with laying and making the connectiong, reinstating surfaces etc. shall be the responsibility of the applicant. This includes the costs associated with any required system upgrade.
  • The sewer lateral shall remain the responsibility of the property owner for maintenance/repairs etc.
Scheme​Financial Contributions ($ per unit)
​Kaka Point​5,066
​Lawrence - Eastern Extension​9,764
​Milton Town​3,987
​Milton - OCF​5,155
​Pounawea - Gravity (Includes Owaka Contribution)​9,708
​Pounawea - Pumped (Includes Owaka Contribution)​5,808
​Tokoiti Area A​19,089

Formula for FC (excluding benhar and Tokoiti Area A = (BV-OL) X 0.6x2
                                                                                                        (NCx2) + NN + GST

Financial Contributions for Benhar and Tokoiti are calculated according to the following formula:

FC = BV x 0.9 x 2                  + GST                     + FC for Milton - OCF or Balclutha as appropriate

BV = Book Value                                            FC = Financial Contribution                
OL = Outstanding Loans                            NN = Number Not Connected
NC = Number Connected

Bulk Sewerage Disposal Fees

Pre-treated Bulk Sewerage Disposal Fee - This fee is for disposal of bulk treated sewerage effluent, from oxidation ponds or similar standard treatment system, into Council sewers;

​All Schemes​0.62/m3
​All Schemes - Annual Administration Fee​380

Un-treated Bulk Sewerage Disposal Fee - This fee is for disposal of bulk untreated sewerage effluent, including septic tank cleanings, into Council sewers. At present, untreated bulk sewerafe will only be accepted by prior arrangement and only at the approved site at Balclutha;

​All Schemes (but limited to Balclutha at present)​1.79/m3
​All Schemes - Annual Admin Fee​380
​Note: If disposal is by tanker, the Administration fees as per clause 23 above applies. ​


Local Club Ground Hire - Administration Fee per Club per season        $390

This does not include line marking, goals, wicket preparation or other services to set up playing fields. Clubs must register and pay the fee before the start of each playing season (i.e. summer and winter)

Balclutha A&P Showgrounds

​Major Sports Tournament​195 per day
​Circus & similar type activities​410 per day
​Refundable bond payable on booking610​
Riverside Reserve Associated Clubs
Individual clubs will be charged directly for usage of grounds where maintained by Council.
​Casual Sport Hire70
​Event Hire100


​A & P Showground's ( Event Hire)​100

 Statutory Documents

​Annual Plan
​Current Year​No Charge
​Previous Year (s)​45
Annual Report
​Current Year​No Charge
​Previous Year (s)​45
​District Plan
​Maps (Full Set)​160

Stock Saleyards

 Fee $58

Stands & Stalls (non-charitable)

 Per day $30

Sundry Licence Fee

Where licence not otherwise covered $142

 Swimming Pools

​BALCLUTHA​Adult​Snr Citizen​Child ​Family
​10 Swim​32​28​24
​25 Swim​70​61.20​52.50
​50 Swim​120​105​90
​Peak Pool Hire (Per Hour)​160
​Off Peak Pool Hire (Per Hour)130
​Inflatable Pool Hire (Per Hour)​30
​Lane Hire (Per hour)​25
​Meeting Room Hire (Per hour)​20
​Meeting Room day hire​130


MILTON​ADULT​Snr Citizen​Child ​Family
​10 Swim ​32​28​24
​25 Swim​70​61.20​52.50
​50 Swim​120​105​90
​Peak Pool Hire (Per Hour)160
​Off Peak Pool Hire (Per Hour)130
​Inflatable Pool Hire (Per Hour)​30
​Lane Hire (Per Hour)​25

NOTE: Adult free if accompanying a pre-schooler. All hires are for a minimum of 1 hour.

Vehicle Stands on Streets

​Per Stand​110
​Per Operator Maximum​220
​Per Day​30

Waste Management

Wheelie Bins

​Bins damaged by consumer​120
​Bins damaged on day while out for collection​No Cost 

 Mt Cooee Landfill and Skip Services

General refuse​138/tonne
​Minimum Charge​15
​Refuse Bag (Max 70L)​4.05 / bag
​Greenwaste Discount **​50%
 Note: Council reserves the right to weigh any vehicle and charge by weight.​ ​
​Household Recycling (as specified)​Free
Scrap Metal (including whiteware)​Free
​LPG Cylinders​5.50/each
​Disposal of Tyres
- Car/4WD
- Truck
- Bulk
8 each​
32 each

​Notes: ** This discount will apply to all loads of greenwaste as defined below and assessed by landfill staff. Any loads that are found to be contaminated as they are unloaded will be charged at the full refuse rate as estimated by the Landfill staff.

Approved greenwaste includes: lawn clippings, hedge clippings, tree trimmings with branches less than 150mm diameter, and garden weeds. Small amounts of soil associated with plant roots etc. is acceptable.

Special Waste

​Application for registering Special Waste​214
​Deposit for special waste requiring further assessment​650
​Special Waste Charge265/tonne
​Note: Any special burial costs will be additional to the above rate, e.g. the cost of a separate disposal hole. ​

Car Bodies

​(Fuel tank shall be emptied and cap removed, LPG and CNH tanks shall be removed, batteries shall be removed, engine and transmission shall be drained of all oil, seats, upholstery, glass and tyres shall be removed). Waste or organic material shall not be present​. ​

Transfer Stations and Skip Sites

Refuse bag (Max 70L)​4.50/bag
​Up to 0.5m3​22

Charging will be based on estimated refuse volume. Large volumes of waste in excess of 2.0m3 will not be accepted. Special waste will not be accepted.

E Waste Recycling Price List

Computer (desktop or laptop)​9
​Computer server​18
All screens under 29 inches23
All screens 29 inches and over50
​Keyboards, docking stations, mouse, routers, network devices3​
​Inkjet printers, fax machines, laminators, typewriters6​
​Laser printers12​
​Photocopiers (small)30​
​Photocopiers (large)60​
​Microwaves and other consumer electronics8​
​Power cords, data cables, toner and inkjet cartridges (sealed), cell phones, batteries within a device, upright cabinetsFree​

Water Analysis

 Bacteriological, chemical - Actual Cost

Water Supply (Rural)

​Financial Contribution​See Formula Below
​Administration Charge - Application Fee​190.00
​Engineering and Installation Costs (plant, labour, material)​Actual Cost

Financial Contribution for new consumers and additional over-design supplies, to apply where a property is not connected to the scheme and has a design capacity allocated to it but no corresponding financial contribution has been paid. The contribution to be levied is to be for no less than the design capacity allocated to the property, or a property that has previously paid a financial contribution and has been given a corresponding allocation now seeks an increased supply in excess of that allocation. Provided it is possible to supply the additional water, the contribution is to be levied on each unit approved above the allocation.

The base financial contribution shall be calculated by multiplying the Property Area by the Scheme Factor except where otherwise indicated (see below). Residential/lifestyle properties may attract an increased charge. The minimum charge shall be for a 2-unit supply. Financial Contributions levied will be in addition to any cost of additional capital works required to make the connection or provide the supply. Payment of the financial contribution is required prior to the supply being made. In each case the contribution and any entitlement created by it is to attach to the land.

In particular cases, financial contributions may be amended by resolution of the Rural Water Scheme Committee.

  • All properties connecting to a public water main shall complete the application form.
  • All costs associated with laying and making the connection, reinstating surfaces etc. shall be the responsibility of the applicant. This includes the costs associated with any required system upgrade.
Scheme​Scheme Factor​Cost/Unit $
​Balmoral One​34.26​585
​Balmoral Two​35.26​599
​Moa Flat​21.04​336
​North Bruce​39.70​Farm connection (base charge)​887
​North Bruce​Residential/Lifestyle (i)​3,548
​Richardson​(ii)​Farm connection (base charge)​1,357
​Richardson​Residential/Lifestyle (i)​3,252
​South Bruce​22.44​Farm connection (base charge)​380
​South Bruce​Residential/Lifestyle (i)​1,518

Scheme Factor = (BV-OL) x 0.25) / SC) x 0.065 + GST
Where: BV = Book Value. OL = outstanding loans and SC = scheme capacity.

(i) For properties less than 30 ha
(ii) For the Richardson and Clydevale-Pomahaka Schemes the following contribution will respectively apply: The contribution shall be five times the current unit rate for the Richardson scheme and three times the current unit rate for the Clydevale-Pomahaka scheme per unit of additional supply.

Under provisions of the CDC Water Supply Bylaw, unauthorised use of water on rural schemes will be charged for at the estimated maximum unauthorised usage rate multiplied by the annual scheme unit charge, multiplied by the estimated period in years of unauthorised use (minimum 1 year). Additional to the estimated charge for water used, an administration charge of $281.25, plus the actual costs to remedy unauthorised fittings and of follow-up re-inspection, will also be payable by the offender.

Example: If a 2-unit restrictor is found drilled out to supply 18 units, typical charges will be:
16 (units stolen) x $166.40 (scheme unit charge) + $250 (admin) + GST = $3,349.26 + actual remedial and re- inspection costs.

The property owner at the time of subdivision shall be liable for all costs required to provide the minimum water allocation to each lot.


Charge per unit for the sale of water supplied to out of district customers, from the following Rural Water Schemes:

​Moa Flat​196

Water Supply (Urban)

​Financial Contribution​See Formula Below
​Administration Charge - Application Fee​190
​Engineering and Installation Costs (plant, labour, materials)​Actual Cost

For a new single connection inside the scheme area, where the property has paid a previous financial contribution, or has been paying a half rate charge for more than the five previous years, the Financial Contribution is not required but the other costs shown are payable. Where the property has been paying a half rate charge for less than the five previous years, the Financial Contribution shown shall be reduced pro-rate i.e. discounted 20% per year of half rate payment.

The Financial Contribution and other costs shown are payable for new connections outside the Scheme area, and additional connections inside the Scheme area, where no previous financial contribution or half rate charge has been paid. Where intensification occurs, each self-contained habitable unit is deemed to be a separate connection for fees and rating purposes.

For commercial premises (including residential premises converting to commercial) and for extraordinary connections (outside the Scheme area) a metered connection will be installed, for which the applicant shall be charged Actual Cost additional to all other relevant fees and charges.


  • All properties connecting to a public water main shall complete the application form.
  • All costs associated with laying and making the connection, reinstating surfaces etc shall be the
    responsibility of the applicant. This includes the costs associated with any required system upgrade.
Scheme​Financial Contribution $/Unit
​Clinton​(incl. Clydevale-Pomahaka Contribution)​2,502
​Kaka Point​(incl. Richardson Contribution)​5,263
​Milton Town​4,275
​Milton - OCF​5,094
​Stirling and Cherry Lane​2,036
​Waihola​(incl. North Bruce Contribution)​5,658

 Formula for FC = (BV-OL) x 0.6 x 2
                                (NCx2) + NN + GST

OL = Outstanding Loans, BV = Book Value, NC = Number Connected, NN = Number not Connected, FC = Financial Contribution

Bulk Water = All Schemes

​W​ater Used​Below 366m3 /  year​0.00 Incorporated in annual water rate
​Water Used​Over 366m3/ year0.90/m3
​Water Used​Over 2000m3/ year​0.75/m3
​Water Used ​Commercial/Industry penalty - in excess of agreed maximum​1.75/m3



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