Cemetery Search

​​​​​​​​Our online cemetery search is available to locate burial records of people buried in cemeteries managed by the Clutha District Council.  All burials from July 2017 are now available and historic records from before July 2017 for the Balclutha, Kaitangata, and Tapanui cemeteries are also available.  

​As this is an ongoing process records for the remaining cemeteries (before July 2017) are continuing to be added till all records are available online. We also have added online records for Owaka Cemetery, which is a trustee operated cemetery in our district.
Whilst every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, mistakes may have occurred in the gathering of the information or in the conversion of the data into this format. If for any reason you should find an error or omission, please contact Council and help us improve the records.

Page reviewed: 21 Jul 2019 8:38am