Civil Defence & Emergency Management

​Please refer to the Emergency Management Otago website for our civil defence information.

Our Road and Water notices page often has the latest Clutha District info on it.

The Otago tsunami evacuation zone maps can be accessed here.

In an emergency you can contact Clutha District Civil Defence on 0800 801 350 or 03 419 0200.

Fire Information:  If there's a property in your neighbourhood that you believe is a health or safety hazard due to an unkempt section, you might first try talking to the property owner.​

If this does not resolve the problem, contact Council on 0800 801 350 to report a concern that does not present a fire risk, such hording and other nuisance issues including vermin control.

If your concern is a fire risk, you can let Fire and Emergency New Zealand know about your concern by completing the online form available at or calling 0800 336 942.  Please note that Fire and Emergency is only able to take action to deal with genuine fire hazards, and not where the property is just unsightly or presents a health hazard.

Page reviewed: 03 Jul 2018 9:57am