​​​​The Clutha District Council in conjunction with our greenspace contractor directly operates and maintains six urban cemeteries; Balclutha (2), Fairfax Milton, Kaitangata, Lawrence and Tapanui, and eight rural cemeteries; Port Molyneux, Romahapa, Taieri Beach, Waihola, Waikoikoi, Waipahi, Waipori and Waitahuna.

Council provides financial assistance to a further four cemeteries that are managed by Trustees; Clinton, Crookston, Owaka and Tuapeka, and further financial assistance to the maintenance of various war memorials throughout the district.

A large number of the Clutha District Council cemeteries have "Memorial Beams". Memorial beams have been installed for people whose loved ones may have been interred somewhere else or whose ashes were scattered elsewhere. A plaque of remembrance may be placed on the Memorial Beam. If you would like to place a plaque on a beam, or if you have any queries regarding cemeteries, please contact us on 03 419 0200.

Our cemetery brochure has been developed to help with decision making at a difficult time. The brochure provides more information with respect to Council's policy on the purchasing of plots; monuments; as well as general information about ashes beams, memorial beams, wreaths and tributes, plantings and ornaments, and maintenance.

 You can also apply to have a plot allocated or grave reopened see our Forms & Guides pages for an application for allocation of plot or to reopen grave.

See our Fees & Charges page for Cemetery Fees and Charges.

Cemetery Contacts

Cemetery Located​​Contact Person
Balclutha Lawn​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
Balclutha Old​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
Beaumont (Lawrence)​Mr R Wood
03 485 9424
Chaslands (Closed)
​Clarendon​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
Sean Williams
027 415 0198 or 415 7801
​Crookston​K Sim
03 204 2272
​Fairfax (Milton)Milton Service Centre
03 417 8109
​Glenore​Hocken Library
Kaitangata​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
Kaitangata Old​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
​LawrenceLawrence Service Centre
03 485 9909
Owaka​Bev Craigie
03 415 8112
Papatowai​J Galbreath
03 418 2001
​Port Molyneux​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
Ratanui (Closed)​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
Romahapa aka Puerua​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
Taieri MouthMilton Service Centre
03 417 8109
​TapanuiTapanui Service Centre
03 204 8306
​Tuapeka​G Beaumont
03 415 9121
Waihola​Milton Service Centre
03 417 8109
Waikoikoi​J Simmers
03 207 6708
​Waipahi​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
​Waipori​Clutha District Council
03 419 0200
Waitahuna​Lawrence Service Centre
03 485 9909
Wangaloa (Closed)
​Warepa​M Pagel

Cemetery Kiosks

The Clutha District Council has previously installed information kiosks and block numbers at the urban cemeteries (Milton, Tapanui, Balclutha, Milton and Lawrence) in an effort to make it easier for people to relocate deceased family members or loved ones.

Although kiosks were not considered for smaller cemeteries with significantly lower use, we do have a number of smaller cemeteries that now have these kiosks available through the efforts of community groups.

The information kiosks are placed at the entrance to the cemetery and house a map identifying block areas, as well as some historical information. Each row of headstones will also have small, unobtrusive block numbers placed at ground level.

The following cemeteries have had kiosks installed to date, click on the image for kiosk information:


War Memorials

​​War memorials in Clutha District are listed on the national register of memorials​.

The map and memorial details are ​available from NZ History​ (website opens in new tab).

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