Walking and Cycling in Balclutha

August 2017

Council will be supporting community efforts to improve walking and cycling linkages in and around Balclutha. This will be a joint project between the community and Council as most of the routes will be on council-owned or regional council-owned land.

Walkways and cycle trails have been growing in popularity throughout New Zealand and Otago. In the past, residents have told us that the development of walking and cycling links within Balclutha is a priority.

Recent improvements to key areas, including Hospital Creek, Naish Park and the south end of the bridge, have substantially improved access to Balclutha’s main walkway – Blair Athol.

Our Community Plan feedback survey ranked circuits within Balclutha second equal in importance and circuits outside of Balclutha were fifth equal.

The scope of the project will encompass some or all of the following:

  • Stage 1 Informal links and circuits within township, including access to schools.
  • Stage 2 Inter-town connections and links to key feature destinations (Kaka Point, Kaitangata, Stirling, Finegand Lake Tuakitoto, The Sod Cottage, Blair Athol Extension, Tuapeka Mouth)
  • Potential budgets and funding sources 
  • Destination signage
  • Route and any easements
  • Construction where required and any facilities on the route.
  • Key crossing points.

Next Steps: For Council to identify and endorse key community members or groups to work with on this project so we can get the ball rolling on some of the steps listed above.

Page reviewed: 03 Aug 2017 12:01pm