The Balclutha Bridge

Council will lead this project and will be advocating to improve the safety and appearance of the Balclutha Bridge.

A key areas raised during the community plan consultation process was the safety of people using the Balclutha Bridge.

The bridge, as part of State Highway 1, belongs to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), so we will need to work within their guidelines, the bridge is also classified as a Category 1 Historic Place.

The scope of the project will include:

  • Traffic and safety including: flow of traffic at both ends of the bridge, particularly road and pedestrian entrances.
  • Bridge lighting including identifying external funding sources (the capital cost of light the bridge should come at no public expense).
  • Improvements to the appearance/structures at each end of the bridge, including fences and plantings.

Next Steps:  Council will now identify staff members to work with NZTA about safety and appearance of the bridge and to look at possible external funding sources. It’s worth noting that 2017 will mark 150 years since the first Balclutha bridge was opened.


Page reviewed: 03 Aug 2017 11:27am