Our Place Balclutha Community Plan

​​​​​​​​​​​We've set a direction to promote living and working in the Clutha District. But, what does that actually mean?

Our Place Balclutha

The Our Place Balclutha final community plan  summarises the projects, the aims of the community and is a useful reference for people wanting to know more.

Two of the major Balclutha projects that are being led by the community include the War Memorial Hall project and the Naish Park/Centennial Park project.

Clutha Community Hub: A project team of volunteers and the Balclutha ward councillors are tasked with progressing the business case and concept for the new facility at the Balclutha Memorial Hall.  

Updates on how this exiting project is progressing are detailed below:

Naish Park/Centennial Park project: A team of community volunteers and Balclutha ward councillors have been busy investigating what the community would like to see at Centennial Park.  Strong suggestions coming through include a dog park, fitness equipment, linkages to the Balclutha Pool and more. Year 13 students from South Otago High School have been engaged to research concepts for a playground and bike park. Investigations into how to improve Naish Park are also underway and Council has engaged an arborist to provide a report on the current state of the park. Members of the Naish family are providing the history of some of the trees there

The "Our Place Balclutha" community plan determines the projects and priorities for the community, as well as help put Council's Living and Working and Economic Development Strategies into action. The ideas centre on what Council can do with our key facilities and how we can work with the community to make things happen. 

Council has made it very clear that projects can generally proceed where financially the project is rates neutral, but where a project would be seeking additional Council funding, it would go through a due process for consultation.  Council has also built into each project, a requirement to consider "easy wins" as a priority.

Work on the various projects detailed in this community plan will be managed overall by Aileen Clarke, Council's Project Manager (Community Plan Implementation).

To contact Aileen email: Aileen.clarke@cluthadc.govt.nz​ or phone: 0800 801 350.

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