Balclutha's War Memorial Hall

We’re endorsing a project to rejuvenate the Balclutha War Memorial Hall and investigate the creation of a community hub.

This is a community-led project, which will still have strong support from Council.  Council currently owns and funds the current building, provides an i-Site service and manages the booking system.

5 April 2018 update: A project team of 14 volunteers and the four Balclutha ward councillors was appointed in September last year. They are tasked with a preparing a business case and concept for the project. Formal meetings have been held, and tasks divided up so all the necessary information can be put together in the coming months.

General Information: The Hall featured highly in your feedback with a second equal ranking in the survey ranking to create a multi-purpose community and visitor hub.

A substantial amount of feedback was received for this topic from numerous groups and individuals. Key themes included inadequacy of current hall – past its use by date, opportunities for a hub with collaboration between community agencies and group, importance of a large, heated space for events and the community supporting and driving possible improvements.

The scope of the project will include investigating the following improvements:

  • the building itself, including provision of a new building or refurbishment/replacement of existing building
  • the surrounds including Charles Street Reserve, Peace Park, riverbank, street frontages, linkages to walking and cycling
  • relocation of Cenotaph
  • recognition of it being a War Memorial Hall
  • the activities, services, and functions to be provided for within the building and surrounds, including but not limited to a visitor attraction, museum, i-Site, toilets, parking and a community hub using a multi-functional design approach
  • investigate the relocation of library services from a cost effectiveness position
  • a comprehensive business case and identification of external funding sources
  • potential transfer of Council assets to a community trust similar to the Cross Rec Centre
  • keeping this project rates neutral, seeking external funding and utilising existing hall budgets are all key parts of this exciting project.

Keeping this project rates neutral, seeking external funding and utilising existing hall budgets are all key parts of this exciting project.

At the 21 September 2017 Council meeting, Councillors endorsed the membership of the coordinating group.

The decision to endorse leaders and members was made following a public meeting that saw a strong field of candidates put their names forward. In the interest of inclusiveness, every person that put their hand up to be part of the coordinating group has been appointed as a member and now it will be up to the group to decide its own structure.

Council is pleased to endorse Kevin Barron as the leader of the Balclutha War Memorial Hall project to rejuvenate the facility and investigate the creation of a community hub.  Kevin Barron’s building company built the first commercial building in Christchurch’s CBD after the Canterbury earthquakes with a floor area of 3,800 square metres. It is this experience along with his return to live in Balclutha that led him to volunteer to be part of this project. 

Other members of the coordinating group are: Irene Mosley, Russel Carr, Mark Way, Sarah van Asperen, Gwyn Stevenson, Tim Blackler, Lisa Watt, David Tait, Beth Linklater, Maureen Renton, Rodd Pearson, Natasha Munro, Brett Stewart and Susan Landels. The four Balclutha ward councillors will also play a role.   
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