Balclutha's Parks and Reserves

Council and the community will work together to revitalise the following parks and reserves so they become “destinations”.

Destination reserves are larger reserves that are a focal point for the community. They tend to have larger green areas and a larger range of play equipment.

The plan proposes that investment is prioritised to create vibrant destination parks throughout Balclutha in the following spaces:

  • Naish Park and Centennial (Old Boys) Park
  • Balclutha Bridge Playground
  • Arthur Strang Reserve
  • Clyde Street Reserve (Rosebank Triangle)

Naish Park and Centennial (Old Boys) Park

Naish Park is a large park with significant history and potential to be developed into a park of significance, extending the park into the neighbouring Centennial Park (Old Boys) would allow for expansion and connection with the Centennial Pool.

5 April 2018 update: A team of community volunteers and Balclutha ward councillors was formed and split into two working groups. Investigation about what the community would like to see at Centennial Park has been undertaken, strong suggestions coming through include a dog park, fitness equipment, linkages to the Balclutha Pool and more. Year 13 students from South Otago High School have been engaged to research concepts for a playground and bike park. Investigations into how to improve Naish Park are also underway and Council has engaged an arborist to provide a report on the current state of the park. Members of the Naish family are providing the history of some of the trees there

Generial information

More than 300 feedback comments were received about this project, which will be community-led with some Council involvement.

The scope of the project will include investigating the following:

  • Emphasising the natural aspects of the park (s)
  • Connecting Naish Park to Old Boys Park
  • Providing for limited residential development of Old Boys Park
  • Discontinuing athletic use of Old Boys Park
  • Duck pond refurbishment and possible water feature
  • Garden on national significance
  • Cycling and walking connections
  • Providing for an extension to the camping ground
  • a bike park.
At the 21 September 2017 Council meeting, Councillors endorsed the membership of the coordinating group for the  Naish Park project.

The decision to endorse leaders was made following a public meeting that saw a strong field of candidates put their names forward. In the interest of inclusiveness, every person that put their hand up to be part of the coordinating group has been appointed as a member and now it will be up to the group to decide its own structures.

Council is happy to endorse Jared McPhee as the leader of the Naish Park project. Jared is a local self-employed businessman, used to managing staff and projects and with a strong motivation to improve and grow Balclutha.

Other members of this coordinating group are: Kevin Barron, Sarah van Asperen, Sara Sutherland, Lynda Miller, Maxine Evans, Barbara Cowie and Brett Stewart. The four Balclutha ward councillors will also play a role in this project.

Balclutha Bridge Playground

The Balclutha Bridge playground is the first community facility that comes into view when entering Balclutha from the north. This and the close proximity to Riverside Reserve and sports grounds, Balclutha Kindergarten and the Scouts Clubrooms mean the park is well used by young children and has the potential to be a premier destination Park close to the Memorial Hall and i-Site. This park has the highest exposure to traffic passing through Balclutha on State Highway One.

This will be a Council-led project with community support and partnerships.

The scope of the project will include investigating the following:

  • Fencing
  • Updating old play equipment
  • Area for coffee/food cart
  • Toilets/lighting
  • Seating/BBQ area
  • Creating a gateway to the park that will enforce the destination qualities
  • Upgrading the footpath and cycleway connections to the park
  • Enhancing park lighting
  • Updating surfaces under existing playground equipment for younger children
  • Addition of possible kids' bike track with road rule signage and traffic lights at skate end of park
  • Possible improvement of existing skate park.

Next Steps: Council will identify staff to project manage this project.

Arthur Strang Reserve

Arthur Strang Reserve provides access to the Clutha River boat ramp and parking for users to enjoy river and bridge views amongst the native and exotic trees at the site. The car park is often overflowing during the summer with boat trailers and tow vehicles. Connections to the park on the north side of the bridge have been opened and offer potential for extension and further development of this area.

This will be a Council-led project with community support and partnerships.

It’s scope will include:

  • Area extending from Arthur Strang Reserve along Hasborough Place to green space next to pumping station
  • Improved accessibility to river for water recreation users
  • Defined parking area
  • Extension and maintenance of walking track
  • Possible upgrade of toilet facilities
  • Possible freedom camping designated area (pumping station)
  • Enhancing walking and cycling connections.

Next Steps: Council will identify staff to project manage this project.

Clyde Street Reserve (Rosebank Triangle)

This small reserve contains a number of large exotic trees and a few park benches. It is a highly visible site that is under-utilised by locals and passing travellers.

This will be a Council-led project with strong community support and partnerships.

It’s scope will include looking at:

  • Park and picnic area enhancement
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Enhancing walking and cycling connections
  • Possible bollards to prevent parking on grass.

Next Steps: Council will identify staff to project manage this project.

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