Living and Working


Council has identified 'future-proofing' the Clutha District as a priority and we are working hard to promote growth in order to combat some of the challenges in our district. We want to grow our district by making it an attractive place to live, work, play and invest. ​



"It's a simple choice really to actively promote growth or be a bystander in our district's future."

Like other rural areas in New Zealand, our population has declined in recent years, although we continue to hold our own on other indicators, such as GDP per capita. Predictions are our population will stay stable at around 17,000. At the moment there are approximately 12,500 rateable properties in our district.

Our work to promote growth is closely linked with our Economic Development Strategy and our Living and Working Strategy.  Both are available on our Strategies webpage.

Council recognises that promoting growth must be done in a sustainable way, meaning any investments made to promote growth will generate revenue returns that will pay back initial investment, including interest.  Where any opportunity to promote growth won't achieve a rates neutral position, we will check with ratepayers before a decision is made. 

Two of our current projects are the Rosebank Industrial Site and the North Balclutha Subdivision.

We believe actively promoting living and working here is an important step towards growing our rating base and future proofing the Clutha District.

Clutha Development is our district's economic development agency and you can find out all sorts of useful information about living and working here.  

For newcomers to the Clutha District visit our Clutha District Settlement Support ​website for more information.

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