Road Safety: Any number is too many

Clutha District Council believes Clutha roads can be safer for our community.

That is why we are part of the Southern Road Safety Influencing Group (SRSIG), which aims to get our community thinking and talking about road risk and how we can stop people dying on our roads.

To do this we have teamed up with local Police, St John and Fire Emergency New Zealand to be part of Any number is too many.

What is Any number is too many?

Any number is too many recognises that any death on our roads is one too many.

Any number is too many asks communities in Southland and Otago to think about what is happening on roads in their communities and ask how we can solve it together.

We want to get the Clutha community thinking and talking about what we could do to make a difference on their roads and to recognise that road death is preventable.  Change needs to come from our communities because it’s our people, our families, friends and neighbours who are affected by crashes.

You have an important voice, and there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved and support Any number is too many in Clutha.  We’d welcome your thoughts on our local road risk, get in touch.

Get involved

  • Visit  
  • Like our page
  • Pick up some stickers or posters from your nearest service centre and put them on your car, letter box, or wherever you think people will notice or make a video!
  • Have a chat to your whanau, family, friends and neighbours about the road toll in Clutha and what role you could play to lower the number.
A rising road toll isn’t just a number, it represents actual lives lost, any number is too many.

Contact Chris Bopp, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at the Council, for more information on what we are doing to support Any number is too many.

Page reviewed: 11 Jun 2020 4:06pm