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17 April 2020

I know we're all dying to get out of lockdown, and you've probably seen the Prime Minister's update yesterday on what life in level three might look like. Here are the key points from the Unite Against Covid-19 team, and you can read more here:

🔹There will still be restrictions under Alert Level Three. The last thing we want to do is give away the gains that we have made in lockdown.

🔹 Under Alert Level Three we still need to restrict contact with others. There is still a high risk the virus can bounce back. The message is the same - Stay Home and Save Lives.

🔹 Under Alert Level Three you still need to keep your bubble. But you can expand your bubble a little bit. Keep it exclusive and small.

🔹 For businesses and workplaces under Alert Level Three we will move from essential operations to safe operations. You must work from home if you can. There is more detail on the website about this.

🔹 Examples of workplaces that can operate under Alert Level Three are businesses who work in people’s homes for example plumbers and electricians. The key is to keep your distance.

🔹 Unfortunately bars, restaurants, cafes, malls and retail stores may not open under Alert Level Three. However, food delivery, takeaways and click and collect may be operating, as long as they are not engaging in face-to-face transactions.

🔹 The Government continues to work with industry sectors on decisions and more information will be to come.

🔹 Under Alert Level Three there will be a partial reopening of education for children up to Year 10 only. This will allow children of parents who need to go to work can be in a bubble at school. Tertiary education will mainly stay online.

🔹 Travel restrictions remain. At Alert Level Three we ask that you keep travel in your region.

🔹 When it comes to recreation. Under Alert Level Three you can do more, but it needs to be alone in your bubble, low risk and non-motorised – for example no boating or jet skis.

🔹 You will be allowed to swim, surf and fish from the shore. However now is not the time to take up a new activity that you have never done before - it is too risky.

🔹 Under Alert Level Three we should not congregate. There will be some allowances of 10 people to attend a funeral and tangihanga. Weddings will be allowed but only services – no meals just ceremonies.

🔹 We need to remember it only requires one person to have COVID-19 to spread it.

🔹 Keep a note of where you have been and who has been around you. Just in case we need to contact you.

🔹 There is a risk and a high level of trust here under Alert Level Three.

🔹 There will be a self-accreditation for some businesses developed over the next week.


15 April 2020

Today's shout out is to our fabulous team at the Balclutha Centennial Pool.

🏊‍♀️During the lockdown period a number of the Clutha District Council staff have swapped their roles to work where is needed. This particular team have stepped up and are now the Balclutha’s “Meals on Wheels” service.

🔹This is an essential service in our district normally run by the Balclutha Red Cross through Clutha Health First. The Red Cross had such a great system in place which made it an easy transition for our team to step in, but it hopefully won’t be too long until our locals see the lovely familiar friendly faces of the Red Cross again.

🔹Our team are currently delivering 36 meals a day, along with also providing grocery runs for our elderly and vulnerable in and around Balclutha.

👏So a huge thanks to our Pool staff for stepping up and providing this service during lockdown to ensure everyone is looked after.

👍Remember we are all in this together, the more we work together as a team the better it is in the long run!


9 April

🐣The team at the Clutha District Council would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and thank you very much for your efforts thus far during our lockdown.

This Easter will be like an Easter that none of us have ever experienced before, and whilst we all carry on within our bubbles we are asking you all to please keep in mind some important key messages:

🥚 Stay safe
🥚 Stay home
🥚 Only travel for essentials or an emergency
🥚 Stay kind

What we are doing IS absolutely working, BUT we need to carry on and remember that we are all very much in this together.

Happy Easter from us all.


If Friday is your usual rubbish collection day, please put your bin out on Saturday this week. There will be no collection on Good Friday.
Please share.


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7 April 2020

Important reminder from FENZ.
We are all in this together.

If you’ve been using your extra time at home to clear out the house and gardens, please don’t use an outdoor fire to get rid of it during the lockdown, not only can burning rubbish be harmful to our environment, Fire and Emergency NZ - Otago & Southland have asked that we don't do any outdoor burning right now and keep firefighters safe and in their bubble


6 April 2020

UPDATE: Thank you. This dog has been identified and sent home.
Someone's not sticking to the lock down rules! This guy has no ID and was picked up on Titri Road Waihola. Can you help us get him back to his own bubble? Call us on 0800 801 350 if you can. Thanks.


We are in lockdown, that means staying at home to save lives.

Rivers, lakes and the sea remain shut off for recreational users. This includes Council boat ramps.

Please don’t go tramping, swimming, surfing, fishing, boating, or other activities that potentially put yourself at risk, or may require search and rescue services.

For more information the link to this directive from Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Director-General of Health is located here:…/COVID-19-Section-701f-Notice-to-a…

#We're all in this together.


5 April 2020

Hunters we know you're itching to go bush but unless you’re building a bivouac in the backyard then the camos will be staying in the wardrobe until lockdown is over. Hunting, along with surfing, tramping and boating, are all off the table under the rules. Read the full explanation here:
The only hunting in NZ this month will be for easter eggs.

We’re with the Prime Minister on this one. Great to see that the vast majority of Kiwis are following the rules. There are a few of what the PM has "charitably described as idiots" so let's share the message again for those who might have missed or misunderstood:
• Yes you can go for a walk in your neighbourhood, staying 2m away from anyone else
• Yes you can drive to the supermarket or pharmacy
• No you can’t go for a drive in the country for a change of scenery
• No you can’t go visiting friends or family outside your bubble
• Yes you really can save lives by staying home – this prevents COVID-19 spreading in our community. It's all here:


We have a great Facebook community here on our council page, and we need to ask for you help.👍

We know that many people in our district are not on Facebook and may not be living on the internet (like some of us). We need your help to reach those people.

There is a dedicated phone number people can now call to get help with a huge range of welfare issues - ‼️0800 322 4000‼️

We need everyone in the district to know this number, and to know that they are not on their own during this time.

Please call your neighbour, call over the fence, text your grannie. Do anything you can to make sure that anyone who might be on their own and struggling can call us and get help.❤️

(The sad-looking dog on the ute is just fine - while he waits for his owner he's helping me get your attention for this really important matter. Thank you)


4 April 2020

Something a little light hearted for a Saturday afternoon from our team at the Balclutha Centennial Pool.

The challenge has been set to show them your "Best at home swimming". - pop over to their page and enter the competition they are running.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember to "stay home and stay safe!!

While the pool is closed the lifeguards have come up with a challenge! We want you to show us your best swimming at home and when we reopen we will have prizes for our favourite entries

What's your #StayHome plan this weekend? How about including a phone or online catch up with a friend who may being doing it tough right now?


Pregnant people and new families, essential workers, people with existing mental health issues and older people may all be struggling, as well as people experiencing uncertainty about their job, income or health. We all know someone who falls into one of those categories, so reach out!

We all need a little extra love and support right now.


3 April 2020

It's official - we're on My Little Local Clutha. See you there.

You can find Clutha District Council in our main News button! Tap on their banner to link through to latest information from them for the district 📲


❤️ We're SO grateful for our fabulous New World supermarket and Rosebank Four Square staff here in Balclutha. Big shout-out to them and their colleagues right around the district. We couldn't do it without them.👍

Not all superheroes wear capes, but lately you’ll see them sporting a face mask, gloves, a name badge and they’ll be stationed behind a checkout or stocking the shelves.

Our supermarket workers are putting their safety at risk daily so we can all continue to keep our families fed. So please, be kind and be understanding, there are a lot of new measures in place that are to keep them safe, you safe and make sure there are enough supplies for everyone.

So thank you for keeping the shelves stocked, the lines moving, our bellies full and in general to all the supermarket superheroes out there! ❤


📖Are you missing our libraries? Are you hanging out to read a new book? We have some great electronic resources available for you to keep getting your reading fix when you can't come and visit us.

📱Have you tried out an ebook yet?

✔️These are FREE. They work just like borrowing a book - you find the book you like, rent it for a period and once your time is up you can extend the time or check it back in. You can even reserve ahead of time if the book you're after is unavailable.

✔️All you need is your library card number and your password. If you do not have your number or have forgotten your password please phone (03) 418 1677 or email and leave a message - our staff are regularly checking both and can assist you.

✔️We have a few eBook sites available and will put the links in the comments.

📚The team at the Clutha District Libraries realise it is currently impossible to return your library books during the current lockdown .

📖Please be assured you will NOT be charged for late returns and ALL overdue charges will be waived during this period. We will even give you a reasonable amount of time after the lockdown is lifted to return your books.

Please remember to -
✔Stay home
✔Stay safe
✔Save lives

Thank you!!


2 April 2020

"Crib (noun): a small, often very modest holiday home or beach house in [southern] New Zealand"

🔺Easter is coming up but, with the current Alert Level 4 lock down, our cribs and baches are going to have to do without us.

🔺We MUST stay at the address we were at on the night of Wednesday 25 March. This means you are NOT allowed to travel and take your bubble to your loved and missed cribs and baches unfortunately!


👷🏻Our Essential Services staff and contractors are continuing to work hard in our district.

👷‍♀️It is very important that we keep on top of our essential work to ensure our roading and water networks are safe and working. They will also be clearing drains and mud-tanks so that we don't get caught out if we have a weather event as well as a pandemic.🤞

👷‍♀️So if you see us driving or out and about, whilst you are heading to the supermarket, we are still carrying on with our essential business to make sure our District's infrastructure is running as smoothly as it can.


1 April 2020

Wipe but don’t flush! Wet wipes should never be flushed down the toilet because they can clog up the sewer network and overflows are bad for the environment. Who would want to be stuck at home with a blocked loo? If you are using them to wipe surfaces, please dispose of them in your rubbish. Essential workers are under extra pressure at the moment and we don’t want to put them at risk of getting COVID-19 while they are fixing blockages.


31 March 2020

A new helpline for anyone in Otago needing support accessing essential supplies like the supermarket or pharmacy, or other support due to COVID-19. You can can phone 0800 322 4000 any day from 7am to 7pm. You can also email Both of these channels will put you in touch with our welfare support teams in every district.


29 March 2020

From 30 March your red/green lidded bin for rubbish will be collected on a weekly basis on your usual scheduled day. There will be no yellow bin/recycling collection during lockdown. We ask that all residents consider cleaning and storing items that can be recycled until normal waste management services resume.


28 March 2020

ATTENTION ALL KIDS IN THE DISTRICT - little and big ones. Play your part - remember playgrounds are a no go to stop the spread of Covid-19.


27 March 2020

Council has redeployed skips to locations that Council usually deploy to over summer to assist in waste management. Over the next couple of days skips will be deployed to Papatowai, Jacks Bay, Toko Mouth and Taieri Mouth. The location of each skip is where it is usually placed. Remember, all transfer stations and Mt Cooee landfill are closed to the public.


25 March 2020

We have now closed all toilets in the district except for seven which are being maintained for use by essential services.

Public toilets are a high-risk area. DO NOT take risks.

Toilets still being maintained are: Balclutha Town Hall, Milton Gray Street, Tapanui Suffolk Street, Clinton State Highway 1, Waihola Domain, Lawrence Ross Place and Owaka Playground.


24 March 2020

Clutha District Council Essential Services

During the COVID-19 Level 4 shutdown Clutha District Council will be maintaining essential services. However please note that there will be some changes to how we do some of these.


Phone our usual number: 0800 801 350. This will be staffed 24/7 during this time.

Online: follow the blue ‘Request it’ button on the front page of our website and click Service Request.


In addition the services already closed, Council offices will close at 12 noon tomorrow Wednesday.

ACTIVITIES (alphabetically)


We will be maintaining a skeleton service to look after animal welfare and aggression issues. Please contact us via the methods at the top of this message.


Civil Defence will continue to operate throughout this period. Support is being given to local health providers, and you


Council website and facebook pages will continue to be updated. However, please DO NOT report problems via Facebook. We will not be able to generate a service request for you. Please report problems via:

Phone our usual number: 0800 801 350. This will be staffed 24/7 during this time.

Online: follow the blue ‘Request it’ button on the front page of our website and click Service Request.


There will be no planned meeting and workshops for Councillors this week. We are working on options for future meetings so that crucial business can still be done.


This is not considered an essential service and as such mowing and gardening operations will cease.


All Council playgrounds are now closed to the general public. We recognise that we cannot physically close all the locations, but people are reminded that these high-risk areas are not included in the Government’s guidance as acceptable outdoor exercise areas during the lockdown.


Our public toilets will remain OPEN so that they are available for workers travelling on essential business. However our cleaning regimes will change and while we will maintain them to the highest cleanliest standard we can, we remind people that they are high-risk areas and should only be used if absolutely necessary.


Rates processing will continue as normal during this time. However, if you usually pay by cheque we ask you to pay via online or you can choose to pay by direct debit – just follow the blue link to ‘Pay it’ on the front page of our website for options.


Work will continue to be done on our roads so that essential services can continue to use the network. Customer Service Requests that involve safety issues will be dealt with on a priority basis.


We have been informed that recycling services will be discontinued during this time. So, if at all possible, please keep your clean empty plastic containers and cans until we can resume accepting recycling. Your cardboard and paper can go out in the rubbish. In the meantime there will be a change to the rubbish service:

  • There will be a pick up every week on the usual day for your red/green bin.
  • There will be a second red/green bin pick every other week when it would have been your yellow bin (in other words there is now a weekly red/green pickups).

Remember, all transfer stations and Mt Cooee landfill are closed to the public.


If you have a problem to report, please continue to:

Phone our usual number: 0800 801 350. This will be staffed 24/7 during this time.

Online: follow the blue ‘Request it’ button on the front page of our website and click Service Request.


Essential work on water and wastewater services will continue but Public Health is our priority.

We will continue to respond to problems with our systems, however, reports of minor issues may not be resolved during this time.


We will continue to run skeleton services in:

Environmental Health

Enforcement and Monitoring

We ask everyone to listen to the information coming out of central government, and to remember the message from Mayor Bryan Cadogan: be kind, look out for your neighbours and stay safe.


23 March 2020

Clutha District Council Public Facilities Closed

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister that New Zealand’s Covid-19 response has been raised to Level 3 to allow preparation for Level 4 in 48 hours, Council is now closing public services. Closing immediately are:

📖 Balclutha Library
📖 Lawrence Library
📖 Owaka Library
📖 Milton Library
📖 Tapanui Library
🏊‍♂️ Balclutha Centennial Pool
🏊‍♂️ Milton Centennial Pool
Balclutha i-Site

🚫 Closing on Wednesday
Council Service Centres: Owaka, Tapanui, Lawrence, Milton, Rosebank Office. These will be open tomorrow, Tuesday, for any last minute transactions that cannot be completed online.

These services will be closed for at least the next 4 weeks.

Council remains committed to continuing to provide core essential services. These include but are not limited to drinking water and wastewater treatment.

📞During this time Council will continue to have an essential phone service for people to report a problem. However, please be aware that during this lock down period we will only be able to deal with safety issues and problems with essential services. We will not be able to address any non-essential service requests until after the Alert Level is dropped.

As we all know, the situation has been evolving rapidly. We will continue to update our 🌐 website and facebook pages with any new information about Council services. For the latest information on Council Services, please:
‘Like’ our Facebook page and check in regularly for the latest posts.
Bookmark our COVID-19 webpage as you can find it easily:…/health-a…/Pages/COVID-19.aspx

To reiterate Clutha’s Mayor Bryan Cadogan’s message this afternoon, be kind, look out for your neighbours and stay safe.


23 March 2020

Right now, like never before we need to activate, and take personal steps, to advance our individual and collective resilience.

We have a window of opportunity to establish individual processes to ensure our communities cope with the many challenges the Covid-19 virus poses for us all.

Consequently I am asking that each and everyone of us takes up the “Clutha Cooee” a proactive response to ensure that we all do the right thing by our neighbours and establish regular contact that reflects the new reality of social distancing and keeping each other safe.

Harking back to the Cooee Marches of WW1, this call out is to our immediate neighbours, initiating with an exchanging of telephone numbers, and establishing regular catch ups. I stress that this is not a “cup of coffee’ time, we have to be acutely aware of protocols, but a pre-arranged chat on the phone, or quick catch up over the fence a couple of times a week will go a long way to helping our district prevail.

Our war on Covid-19 is a war on overcoming not only direct health issues, it’s also a war of isolation, loneliness and logistical issues such as ensuring we all have a system in place to collect essential items like medicine. The Clutha Cooee will assist us all on this front.

Many of us will be faced with life choices that only weeks ago appeared unimaginable, but if there is one choice we can all make it is to ‘Be Kind’ to one another. We will get through this together, so please make the effort and today make that connection.

All the best.
Bryan Cadogan


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