Water Restrictions Lifted


9 March 2017

Summer water restrictions lifted

The normal Stage One Summer Mode water restrictions for the entire district are no longer in force, due to the onset of cooler temperatures.

Council will look at re-establishing these seasonal restrictions next summer.

In the meantime, Council asks customers to avoid wasting water at all times, as there is a cost involved to treat and supply this water even when there is no shortage.

Tips for conserving water include:

• Report water leaks in council pipes and fittings to your nearest council office, or call 0800 801 350.

• Fix drips and leaks in your own plumbing and outdoor troughs etc.

• Water the garden in the early morning or evening, and only as necessary.

• Don’t leave water running unnecessarily.

• Showers are more economical than baths.

• Use a bucket to wash the car.


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