Easter Sunday Trading

Clutha District Council Media Release

Draft Easter Sunday Trading Policy

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Clutha District Council is now receiving feedback about a draft Easter Sunday Trading policy which would allow shops to open on Easter Sunday.

The policy will be available for public consultation from Thursday 15 December until Friday 20 January to measure the response of the Clutha District.

Mayor Bryan Cadogan said public consultation was so that people could let Council know their views on this issue.

He expected there would be a range of opinions, both for and against opening, that needed to be considered.

The Clutha District has several areas which are important for tourists, and this policy would allow shops in those areas to open for longer on one of the last long weekends of the Autumn season.

The Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act 2016 was passed by Parliament earlier this year. It gave local authorities the power to create a policy that would allow shops to open doors on Easter Sunday in their own district.

The Act also lets employees decide for themselves whether they want to work on Easter Sunday.

The policy is available on Council’s website, along with an online submission form www.cluthadc.govt.nz and hard copies are available at Council’s main office and all service centre.


Attributable to CEO Steve Hill, except for the comments made by Mayor Bryan Cadogan.

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