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Clutha District Council Media Release

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Community planning process making good progress

Council is excited about the progress being made on the community planning process for Waihola, Milton and Balclutha.

Whilst you haven’t heard much before now, it’s because we have been working behind the scenes to be able to have something visible and visionary before we started engaging with the public.

So, if you or your family cycle or walk in our district, play at our parks, shop in or drive through our towns, then get ready because we want to hear what you think when we release more information in November.

The feedback we get from residents and ratepayers will be your chance to help shape the future of the town and community you live in.

Council is beginning the process with community plans for Milton, Waihola and Balclutha.

These plans will help determine the projects and priorities for each community and will help put Council’s Living and Working and Economic Development Strategies into action.

Council wants to propose actions that promote living and working in these towns, so we’re looking at all the ways to make the most of the potential of these communities.

To do this we will be asking you about the following potential proposals:

  • Improving Milton’s main street
  • Improving entrances to Waihola, Milton and Balclutha
  • Making better use of the Balclutha Centennial Pool and its surrounds
  • Improving walking and cycling linkages
  • Making the most of parks and public spaces and focusing our investment into destination parks
  • Whether or not to re-develop the Balclutha Memorial Hall surrounds and riverbank, and create a tourist attraction and community heritage hub at the Hall.
  • District Plan residential and industrial re-zoning of Balclutha and Milton.

We want these actions to be a catalyst for other positive flow-on effects and Council’s intention is to provide a focus for discussion and engagement, starting in November and running throughout the summer.

See more on our consultation page:


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