New water brochures released


2018-10-25T09:53:00 Pacific/Auckland

Clutha District Council has released two new water brochures that will help advise people about the Clutha District’s water supplies.

The brochures titled “Stopping the Leaks” and “The Facts - Keeping People Safe” are available from Council’s website and at Council’s service centres.

Earlier this year Council did an audit of all water supplies to identify potential water losses looking into water produced, metered users and estimated consumption.

While losses in any water distribution system is inevitable, the audit showed that not all water Council produced made it to households.

Significant amounts were lost along the way, both in the Council’s distribution system as well as within people’s properties.

Providing safe drinking water suitable for domestic and livestock costs the ratepayer and this makes targeting water losses important work for Council.

We all need to do what we can to ensure water losses are reduced and more water makes it to our house.

To help Council make good decisions about getting on top of water losses, more detailed information is needed.

To get this, Council will be installing a network of water meters at key points on the water schemes.

These will give us more detail about the water losses on individual zones which can then be detected by various means for fixing.

Some water is always lost through leaking taps or pipes on people’s properties.

Therefore it is important that all of us check and repair these as soon as possible.

Less obvious is water lost from aging underground pipes and joints where it can drain into the ground without visible signs.

Sometimes leaks will create unexpected damp areas around your property which should be reported to Council.

Leaks can also be found by listening – with all the water-using appliances and taps in the house turned off;

listen near your water connection.

If you can hear water flowing there is likely to be a hidden leak somewhere on your property which should be further investigated.

So it is important to get your leaks repaired and report suspected leaks beyond your water connection to Council.

If you suspect a leak phone us on 0800 801 350.

Click here to view the brochures online.

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