Balclutha Swimming Pool re-opening delayed


2018-08-25T07:19:00 Pacific/Auckland

The re-opening of the Balclutha Centennial Swimming Pool has been delayed for two days due to the annual maintenance taking slightly longer than expected.

The pool will re-open for business on Wednesday, 29 August 2018.

The work to replace the silicone in the pool took slightly longer than expected and had to be completely dry before the pool could be refilled.

The good news is that the pool is now full and being filtered and heated. It's up to 26 degrees so it is nearly up to our target temperature of 29.5 degrees.

We want to make sure it is all good to go so we have delayed the opening by two days to make sure it will be up to temperature.

Sorry for the delay but we are sure you are going to love the new heaters in the family change rooms and a nice clean pool.

The pool has been closed in August to allow for annual maintenance work which included maintenance of the plant, heating improvements to leisure pools, new heaters installed in the family changing room, draining of the pools to carry out tiling repairs as well as “spring cleaning” of the complex.

Page reviewed: 25 Aug 2018 7:19am