Community Plans – latest updates


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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Community Plans – latest updates

Our Place Balclutha and Our Place Milton

At today’s Council meeting the Our Place Balclutha and Our Place Milton final community plan documents were officially adopted and will be available on our website shortly.

These documents summarise the projects and aims of the community plans and are a useful reference for people wanting to know more.

Work on various community projects is already underway in Balclutha and Milton and Council has appointed Eion Mills to a fixed-term position to implement some of the projects that Council is leading as part of the Milton and Balclutha community plans.

Two of the major Balclutha projects are being led by the community, these are the War Memorial Hall project and the Naish Park/Centennial Park project.

War Memorial Hall project: A project team of 14 volunteers and the four Balclutha ward councillors was appointed in September last year. They are tasked with a preparing a business case and concept for the project. Formal meetings have been held, and tasks divided up so all the necessary information can be put together in the coming months.

Naish Park/Centennial Park project: A team of community volunteers and Balclutha ward councillors was formed and split into two working groups. Investigation about what the community would like to see at Centennial Park has been undertaken, strong suggestions coming through include a dog park, fitness equipment, linkages to the Balclutha Pool and more. Year 13 students from South Otago High School have been engaged to research concepts for a playground and bike park. Investigations into how to improve Naish Park are also underway and Council has engaged an arborist to provide a report on the current state of the park. Members of the Naish family are providing the history of some of the trees there.

One of the major projects identified in the Our Place Milton community plan was upgrading Milton’s main street. The details of this, including how much to spend, forms one of the key consultation issues for the 2018 Long Term Plan and we’d love to hear from people about this when consultation starts on 11 April. At this point Council’s preferred option is to spend $2M on improvements to things like footpaths, pedestrian crossings and undergrounding powerlines. Overhauling the public toilets has also been included in Council budgets.

Our Place Waihola

At today’s meeting councillors also agreed to start community consultation for the Our Place Waihola community plan to gather people's feedback on the current proposals for the town.

Consultation for the Waihola community plan will run in conjunction with the Long Term Plan from 11 April to 11 May.

Information will be distributed throughout the community and on Council's website.

Key issues we’d love people’s feedback on include:

  • Addressing Waihola’s infrastructure issues to allow for future growth - including a water pipeline linking Waihola to Milton and upgrading the sewerage treatment plant (these have been included in the Long Term Plan 2018-28).
  • Planning a review of land zoning use in and around Waihola.
  • Improving walking and cycling opportunities – including extending the Clutha Gold Trail from Lawrence to Waihola.
  • Looking at whether we’ve got the right mix of community facilities and if we’re using them in the best way possible?
  • Are we making the most of Waihola’s parks and reserves? For example a number of opportunities to enhance Lake Waihola Destination Park have been identified.
  • Are there any changes that could be made to improve the central part of the Waihola township?

So, please keep an eye out for the Waihola consultation material and have a think about what you’d like your community to look like into the future.

Mayor Bryan Cadogan is holding a soapbox session in Waihola on April 29, 12-12.45pm – he’s holding these annual sessions as part of the Long Term Plan consultation, but would be happy to chat specifically about Waihola as well.

He urged people to provide feedback.

“If you care about Waihola and want to help shape a brighter future for generations to come, then please get involved in this consultation process.”

I can’t stress enough the importance of what we’re trying to achieve here, he added.


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