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15 January 2018

E-Waste Freebie – Recycle your computers and TVs for free at Mt Cooee Landfill

E-waste is the fastest growing waste type in developed countries and Clutha District Council is doing its bit to combat the problem by providing a user-pays recycling point at the Mt Cooee Landfill in conjunction with Cargill Enterprises.

Now, to encourage residents to recycle e-waste, we’re running an e-waste freebie from today (15 January 2018), where you can bring your unwanted TVs and computers to Mt Cooee Landfill for free!

We have set aside $2,000 to cover the cost of this so drop-offs are limited to one TV and one computer per household until the fund is finished. So, first in, first served. We expect this to run about 2 weeks depending on how many drop-offs we get.

The cost to recycle other electronic items will still be as per 2017/18 fees and charges.

Basically, e-waste is electronic equipment that has come to the end of its useful life and includes televisions, computers, cell phones, photocopiers, stereos, DVD and VCR players and cameras.

E-waste collected at Mt Cooee is transported to Cargill Enterprises in Dunedin where it’s recycled. Staff separate out materials such copper, steel and aluminium for processing by local scrap merchants and other components such as circuit boards and memory chips are processed overseas into new electronic products.

Cargill Enterprises is a social business that currently employs more than 80 people with some level of a disability.

Through the government’s Waste Levy funding Council currently covers the cost of transporting e-waste to Dunedin, and we cover the cost of recycling it through the user-pays fees and charges.

The charges may seem high but New Zealand doesn’t have safe recycling facilities to handle computer monitors and TVs so these are sent off-shore. The charges help pay for the ethical recycling of your e-waste.

Council understands the user-pays model may deter some people from recycling e-waste. So, as part of our Waste Management and Minimisation plan we have lobbied the government to develop a product stewardship scheme for e-waste. This would stop items ending up in the landfill and would see the recycling cost built into the purchase price of products.

Consumers can also support e-waste recycling by considering your options when buying a new electronic device. Ask the supplier if they will take your old device for recycling as some distributors are starting to offer this service, and if not remember to bring it to Mt Cooee for recycling there.


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