Clutha District Water Restrictions Update


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Friday 8 December 2017

Clutha District Water Restrictions Update

With continuing hot and dry weather, the existing Water Restrictions will continue until further notice.

These restrictions are due to high demand and reduced reservoir levels on many rural water schemes and several urban schemes.

Service Delivery Group Manager Jules Witt said that schemes on Stage 1 restrictions are urged to conserve water to prevent more stringent restrictions. The majority of Clutha District’s Water Schemes are currently in Stage 3 High Water Restrictions which means consumers need to be vigilant and abide by the restrictions in place.

Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Stage 3 water restrictions (hand held watering only one day a week 8pm in the evening to 8am in the morning) are in effect for the following townships and rural water schemes in the Clutha District:

  • Balmoral 1
  • Balmoral 2
  • Glenkenich – includes Waikaka and Pukerau
  • Lawrence Township
  • North Bruce – includes Tokoiti and Waihola
  • Richardson North
  • Richardson South – includes Kaka Point
  • South Bruce – includes Cherry Lane and Benhar
  • Tapanui
  • Tuapeka East
  • Tuapeka West

These restrictions mean watering your garden can only take place using a hand-held hose on one day a week from 8pm in the evening until 8am in the morning – not during the day.

You can choose the day that suits you the best for your one day of week of watering but hoses should not be left unattended.

Stage 3 restrictions are in effect for Lawrence as the Phoenix Dam raw water storage is decreasing in volume due to the dry weather, and no rainfall in the catchment.

Stage 1 Water Restrictions

The following townships and rural water schemes in the Clutha District are currently on Stage 1 Water restrictions which means that residents can still use hoses, sprinklers and irrigation systems but only from 8pm in the evening until 8am in the morning and they must NOT be left unattended:

  • Balclutha
  • Clinton
  • Kaitangata/Wangaloa
  • Milton
  • Owaka
  • Stirling

It was found on Thursday in Tapanui that there were users that had excessive water leaks in their properties which were known to the property owner. This type of water wastage can be avoided and we need all consumers to check and repair any internal leaks.

It has been noticed that Milton Township water usage is rising. The township needs to be vigilant with its current Stage 1 restriction otherwise further restrictions may need to be implemented.

Again we remind those on rural water schemes to check for leaks and continue to be vigilant about not wasting water.

Ensure your communities across the district are working together on conserving water, and that water is only being used when necessary. Please talk to your neighbours and make sure that everyone knows these restrictions are in place. If you identify people that are aware of the water restrictions and are ignoring them then please contact Council on 0800 801 350.

Exemptions may be granted by Council on a case-by-case basis to commercial properties and for irrigation depending on the level of restrictions in place, the extent of the dry period, and the time of the year.

Other tips for conserving water include:

• Report water leaks in council pipes and fittings to your nearest council office, or call 0800 801 350 if outside of business hours.

  • Fix drips and leaks in your own plumbing and outdoor troughs etc.
  • Water the garden in the early morning or evening, and only as necessary.
  • Don’t leave water running unnecessarily.
  • Showers are more economical than baths.
  • Avoid washing vehicles and boats.

Council is also particularly monitoring towns on Stage 3 restrictions and undertaking restrictor checks on areas of rural water schemes with high demand. Action will be taken against farmers where unauthorised removal or tampering of restrictors has occurred as this impacts on all users of these schemes.

If these restrictions are not successful and dry periods continue further restrictions may be necessary – it is in everyone’s interest to abide by the restrictions and to conserve water.


For further information/comment, please contact:

Jules Witt

Group Manager Service Delivery

Phone: 03 419 0200

Page reviewed: 08 Dec 2017 12:00pm