‘Summer Mode’ water restrictions now underway

Clutha District Council Media Release

Monday 19 December 2016

Standard ‘Summer Mode’ water restrictions now underway

The recent warmer, and now windy weather, means our normal ‘Stage One-Summer Mode’ water restrictions are in place for the entire Clutha District as of today (19 December 2016).

Service Delivery Group Manager Jules Witt said these restrictions mean watering your garden can only take place from 8pm in the evening until 8am in the morning – not during the day.

Watering systems and sprinklers may be used during 8pm to 8am, but should not be left unattended and the you must ensure the water is not being used wastefully.

Mr Witt said these minor restrictions are about getting people into the habit of using water conservatively and hopefully avoiding more severe restrictions if dry conditions do prevail throughout summer.

“It is also important to note that while many of the district’s water schemes have plentiful sources, restrictions are required during times of high demand because the treatment plants and pipe capacity of schemes restrict the amount of water that can be delivered to consumers,” Mr Witt said.

This is also a reminder for those on the rural water schemes to check for leaks and continue to be vigilant about not wasting water.

Again, this will reduce the likelihood of more stringent restrictions in the future.

Exemptions may be granted by Council on a case-by-case basis to commercial properties and for irrigation depending on the level of restrictions in place, the extent of the dry period, and the time of the year.

Other tips for conserving water include:

• Report water leaks in council pipes and fittings to your nearest council office, or call 0800 801 350 if outside of business hours.

• Fix drips and leaks in your own plumbing and outdoor troughs etc.

• Water the garden in the early morning or evening, and only as necessary.

• Don’t leave water running unnecessarily.

• Showers are more economical than baths.

• Use a bucket to wash the car.


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