​​​​​​​​​​Local body elections are held every three years.  The next local body election will be held on Saturday 12 October 2019. 

​Key Dates

  • 20 September - Voting opens.
  • 12 October - Voting closes at midday
  • 17 October - Official result released

​​Ele​​ct​​ion details

​​When nomination closed on 16 August, only some positions are being contested. Other positions will see an individual elected unopposed. 

Elected u​​nopposed

​Mayor - Bryan Alexander Cadogan

Councillors - Balclutha Ward (4 vacancies)

  • Wayne John Felts
  • Alison Joan Ludemann
  • Kenneth (Ken) Paul Payne
  • Carol Ann Sutherland

Councillors - Clinton Ward (1 vacancy) - Jo- anne Janetta Thomson

Councillors - Clutha Valley Ward (1 vacancy) - Stewart Matthew Cowie

Councillors - Kaitangata-Matau Ward (1 vacancy) - Bruce Roger Graham

Councillors - West Otago Ward (2 vacancies)     

  • John Stephen Herbert
  • Michele Lee Kennedy

Lawrence-Tuapeka Community Board (6 vacancies)

​As not all 6 vacancies have been filled a by-election is automatically required to fill the remaining position. A by-election cannot be held any earlier than 17 February 2020​.

  • ​Lynette (Lindy) Joan Chinnery
  • Geoffrey (Geoff) Thomas Davidson
  • Melinda (Mel) Jane Audrey Foster
  • Matthew Scott Little
  • Gary McCorkindale

West Otago Community Board (6 vacancies)      

  • Cecil James Crawford
  • Barbara Anne Hanna
  • Antony William Robertson
  • Bruce Samuel Robertson
  • Linda Rozel Roulston
  • Suzanne Mary Wink

Clutha Health Incorporated             

  • Hamish Crawford Anderson
  • Katherine (Kate) Louise Anderson
  • Phillip (Phil) Malcolm Atkinson
  • Paul Hanlon

Clutha Licensing Trust

Ward 1 Balclutha - to be contested

Ward 2 Tokomairiro (2 vacancies)          

  • Robert (Tiny) Graham Agnew
  • Evan Jenkins

Ward 3 Kaitangata (1 vacancy) - Deborah (Debbie) Ann Robertson-Dunn

Ward 4 Lawrence (1 vacancy) - Jason Frederick Ross Lyders

Ward 5 Owaka  - to be contested

Ward 6 Clinton (1 vacancy) - Scott David McKenzie

Elections to be held​

Councillors - Bruce Ward (3 vacancies)

  • Gaynor Doreen F​inch
  • Paul Hanlon
  • Bruce Peter Vollweiler
  • Selwyn John Wilkinson

Councillors - Catlins Ward (1 vacancy)   

  • Dane Joel Catherwood
  • Hilary Joan McNab

Councillors - Lawrence-Tuapeka Ward (1 vacancy)         

  • Geoffrey (Geoff) John Blackmore
  • Melinda (Mel) Jane Audrey Foster

Clutha Licensing Trust
Ward 1 Balclutha (3 vacancies)

  • Phillip (Phil) Malcolm Atkinson
  • Michael Leslie Cochrane
  • Neville Craig Gardner
  • Jared McPhee
  • Stephen (Steve) James Morris​

Candidate profiles

Councillors - Bruce Ward (3 vacancies)

Councillors - Catlins Ward (1 vacancy)   

Councillors - Lawrence-Tuapeka Ward (1 vacancy)         

Ratepayer Enrolment Form

Elections Information 

​Below is a list of publications and forms that will provide you with more information about the 2019 Elections.

Pre-Election Report

The Pre-Election Report provides both voters and candidates with information about the key issues facing the Clutha District Council.

Its purpose is to promote public discussion about these issues in the lead up to the 2019 local body election.

Download the 2019 Pre-Election Report

Boundary Maps

​​During 2018, Clutha District Council undertook a representation arrangements review (a review of wards, community boards, boundaries, number of elected members etc). 

The final proposal, as confirmed by the Local Government Commission, retains the existing number of councillors, wards, community board members and community boards but with some slightly modified ward and community board boundaries.  Click here to view the map.


​​Enrol to vote

To vote in a local authority election ​you must be:

  • 18 years of age or over,
  • Enrolled as a parliamentary elector at the address where you live; or
  • Enrolled as a ratepayer elector for a property you own in a different district or city from where you live.

If you are already enrolled, you should receive papers before the next elections in the post outlining the details Elections New Zealand holds.  If those details are correct, you need do nothing.  If they are not correct, or you do not received anything in the mail, go online to  www.elections.org.nz, call 0800 36 76 56, or complete the appropriate form at any Post Shop before the Electoral Roll closes for that election. 

If you live in one area and pay rates on a property in another then you may qualify to enrol on the ratepayer electoral roll. Contact the electoral office on 0800 922 822 .

Please note that if you are on the Parliamentary electoral roll you will automatically be on the local authority residential electoral roll.

​Policy on Election H​​oardings

​​​​​Click here to view our Policy on Election Signs.​

Electoral Officer

​​Dale Ofsoske
Clutha District Council
C/o P O Box 5135, Wellesley Street
Auckland 1141
Email: info@electionservices.co.nz​
Phone: 0800 922 822

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