Plantation Heights Subdivision


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The 27 hectare residential development is bordered by Johnston Road and McNeill Street has a variety of sections available for purchase, ranging from 433m2 - 7947m2 plus lifestyle blocks ranging from 5018m2 - 3.33ha.

It has a variety of sections available for purchase. Roads, footpaths, cycle and walkways, including reserve park land, will also be part of the development and along with great views out to Kaka Point and the Nuggets, make the subdivision an appealing and friendly neighbourhood. 

All sites have services to their boundaries, including ultra-fast broadband.

The former plantation land, owned by Council, has most recently been used for grazing and the costs of the subdivision project will be rates neutral.

​Sections for Sale

As of July 2017, work has been completed, and sections are now available for purchase at the Plantation Heights Subdivision. Potential purchasers can now purchase sections, directly through the Clutha District Council.

Click here for information on the sections still available (as at 17 December 2019), and purchase price (listed on the second page of the attachment)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Below is a picture of all the sections at Plantation ​Heights. ​​


Sections which have been marked with a black cross have been sold.

Sections which have been marked with a pink cross, are c​urrently under offer. 

In the event that the purchaser does not enter into an unconditional agreement, the section will subsequently become available again.

Views of ​Planta​​tion Heights


2019 Picture of new houses and vista from above Plantation Heights subdivision

2019 Picture of new houses and vista from above Plantation Heights subdivision


2017 Picture of vista from above Plantation Heights subdivision

2017 Picture of vista from above Plantation Heights subdivision ​Contact Information

For all enquiries, please contact Hayley Barclay on 419 0297 or email 

​​Additional Information

Landscape Management Plan Implementation - drawings​

Landscape Management Plan

Street Lighting Design

Landscape Concept

Please note this is a concept, but does not guarantee what the final planting plan will be.  In addition the concept refers to design principles that may have changed in the draft Covenant, you should refer to the Draft Covenant as the authoritative design rules.

Land Covenants

Boundary Fencing

Council provided fencing is identified including a representation of the styles of supplied and installed boundary fencing, not necessarily the final product.

Fibre Broadband



The main construction contract was awarded to SouthRoads for a tender price of $2.55 million and will include work such as road construction, laying water, sewer and storm-water pipes, as well as landscaping. 

There are additional items associated with the project such as other road construction work, pump station construction , power supply and telecommunications, which are not part of the main construction contract, but will be happening at the site in the coming months.

The total cost of the project is expected to be approximately $5.7 million.

Work officially started at the site with a sod-turning ceremony on 31 October.  

​The surveying and development company Terramark is project managing the subdivision development of behalf of Council.

A public competition to name the subdivision, along with its streets and reserves has resulted in the following names:

​Winning Name:​Suggested by:
​Subdivison ​Plantation Heights​Carolynne Stephens & Diane White.
​Street 1​Oregon Place​Carolynne Stephens
​Street 2​Monterey Drive​Clutha Development
​Street 3​Cypress Lane​Carolynne & Ken Stephens
​Reserve 1​Lancewood Reserve​Ken Stephens
​Reserve 2​Manuka Park​ Ken Stephens

These names were chosen by councillors following the competition and reflect the subdivision's history as a former plantation site.

Why Council developed a subdivision

The subdivision development was a chance for individuals to join in the exciting momentum of growth and it addressed a growing need for accommodation throughout the district. 

It addressed the accommodation shortfall that was identified in Balclutha, in a strategic location that is relatively close to the town while offering views and other amenities.

The development is in keeping with the direction set in Council’s 10-year Long Term Plan, which provided for us to take a leadership role in driving our district’s economy and be proactive about promoting growth.

Council will also be looking at the accommodation shortfall in Milton as part of the Community Plan process, which has started for the Milton, Waihola and Balclutha townships. ​

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