​​Representation Review ​​​

Council wants to know your thoughts on a proposal to make some changes to the way local government representation works in the Clutha District.

See full proposal and feedback form below.

Every six years councils are required to review their repre​sentation arrangements and the Clutha District Council needs to do this before the 2019 local body elections.

An initial informal public feedback round was carried out earlier this year, but now is your chance to make a formal submission.

While no major changes are being proposed to the current representation arrangements, the proposal out for consultation includes:

Changing the name of the Lawrence-Tuapeka Community Board and Lawrence-Tuapeka Ward to Tuapeka Community Board and Tuapeka Ward.

Retaining 14 councillors plus the mayor, the reason the total number of councillors is proposed to remain at 14 is to provide effective representation to residents and ratepayers spread across our large district. The district would remain divided into the following eight wards:

• Balclutha Ward (four councillors)

• Bruce Ward (three councillors)

• Catlins Ward (one councillor)

• Clinton Ward (one councillor)

• Clutha Valley Ward (one councillor)

• Kaitangata-Matau Ward (one councillor)

• Tuapeka Ward (one councillor)

• West Otago Ward (two councillors).

We're also proposing the two current community boards remain, the West Otago Community Board with six members plus two appointed ward councillors and the Tuapeka Community Board with six members plus one appointed ward councillor.

Lastly we are proposing some minor ward boundary changes to better reflect fairer representation and communities of interest. The following would be affected by these proposed changes:

• Kaka Point would move from the Balclutha Ward to the Catlins Ward

• Pukekoma and Hillend would move from the Bruce Ward to the Clutha Valley Ward

• Round Hill and Manuka Creek would move from the Bruce Ward to the Tuapeka Ward.

Hard copies are available at Council offices and service centres.

Feedback closes 5pm, Friday 3 August 2018. ​

Our Place Waihola Community Plan

We've set a direction to promote living and working in the Clutha District. But, what does that actually mean for Waihola? Keep reading to find out!

Council wants to take the lead and we've got some ideas and options to talk about. They centre on what Council can do with key facilities and areas around the town. We also want to know how we can work with groups and the community to make things happen.

Consultation closed 11 May 2018.

The key issues we wanted to hear from you are below and you can read the full consultation document here.

  • Addressing Waihola’s infrastructure issues to allow for future growth - including a water pipeline linking Waihola to Milton and upgrading the sewerage treatment plant (these have been included in the Long Term Plan 2018-28).
  • Planning a review of land zoning use in and around Waihola.
  • Improving walking and cycling opportunities – including extending the Clutha Gold Trail from Lawrence to Waihola.
  • Looking at whether we’ve got the right mix of community facilities and if we’re using them in the best way possible?
  • Are we making the most of Waihola’s parks and reserves? For example a number of opportunities to enhance Lake Waihola Destination Park have been identified.
  • Are there any changes that could be made to improve the central part of the Waihola township?
  • You can also check out the Draft Reserve Management Plan for Waihola below, which will tie into the community plan.

Waihola Reserve Management Plan

A Draft Reserve Management Plan has been prepared for Waihola in accordance with the Reserves Act 1977. This covers a 10-year period and helps identify issues, barriers and opportunities for the successful management of green spaces. 

Outstanding Natural Landscapes Review

The Clutha District Council is in the initial stages of reviewing the Outstanding Natural Landscapes in the district as part of our District Plan review.  The Council has identified areas in the district as having opportunities for an outstanding natural landscape classification in the District Plan. We want to ensure that areas of outstanding natural landscapes are appropriately managed.  Find out more and have you say here.

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