Resident Surveys


​​​​The aim of the survey is to help gather feedback about the services Council offers and how well residents think those services are being provided (either directly by Council or via its contractors). It is one tool that Council uses to gauge whether the projects, programmes or changes we make alter residents' perceptions about our services. The survey also offers an opportunity to assess how residents feel about our district and opportunities we have here at the moment.  ​

​Resident Survey 2019-20

  Resident Survey 2019-20

Council uses  the survey to gather feedback about services, to help gauge information about Council projects, to provide accountability in our reporting and to see what further work needs to be done. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took part in the survey to help us make informed decisions.  

Previous Resident Surveys

Otago Region Resident Survey 2018

 Otago Region Residents and Ratepayers Survey 2018 ​(1.3MB)

​Otago residents and ratepayers can compare aspects of their local council’s performance against other local authorities in the region. All six councils have committed to funding a combined annual community survey to underpin their joint performance benchmarking and improvement project.

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