​​​​​​Long Term Plan 2018-28

All councils in New Zealand must produce a Long Term Plan (LTP) every three years.  In between we produce Annual Plans.

The LTP outlines the long-term vision for the Clutha District and set out the services, projects and infrastructure Council intends to deliver to the community over a 10-year period and how these will be funded.  It is a key planning document. The LTP also ensures Council is providing for the future in a sustainable way and it gives the community the opportunity to participate in a key decision-making process. 

In summary, it sets out the 'what, where, when, how and cost' of the all the services, facilities and infrastructure Council plans to provide over the next 10 years. ​

LTP 2018-28 by section:

Previous Lo​ng Term Plans 

Annual Plan 2020-21

Annual Plans are how we deliver long-term plan​s (LTP's). They identify our activities, the resources to deliver them and where the resources will come from, for example, rates or fees and charges.

Previous Annual Plans

Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Council's Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) sets how waste is to be managed and minimised within our district.  A Waste Assessment has also been prepared to provide background information to the WMMP including an assessment of reasonably practical options.

Reserve Management Plans

​​Older plans​​

Community Plans 

 ​​Final ​Plans

Community Response Plans

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