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Please note: If you are a new business selling food, please note you cannot start trading until you are registered with MPI and your certificate is issued. (Please allow 20 working days for this process)

Selling food at fairs, markets and occasional events

If food is sold more than once in a calendar year that is NOT for fundraising purposes the activity is subect to registration under Food Safety Legislation. You must sell safe and suitable food.

If you sell food at a single one-off event ONLY ONCE in a calendar year, you're only requiement is to ensure you make safe and suitable food.

Please refer to the guidelines on the MPI website below.

Sale of Food by Non Profit Organisations - No Application Is required if under 20 times per calendar year: Please note, If you are selling food to raise funds, or for charity, it must be "safe and suitable". That means it must be safe to eat - no one should get sick from eating your food.  Please refer to the guidelines on the MPI website.

Event Organisers

Food safety tips

When you begin planning your event, contact an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) at your local council.

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Some of our forms can now be filled out online, it's very easy and uses the Submitica portal. Please read these instructions before using our online roading forms so you can create your Submitica​​ login.

See the full list of online and hard copy forms below:

​Semi-permanent seal application PDF​ ​(222KB)
​Dust Suppression applicationPDF​(200KB)
​Road closure application

 online form

  PDF (44KB)

​Non-spray register application

  PDF ​(56.9KB)

​Erecting a fence on road reserve application


​Vehicular crossing application (urban)


​Vehicular crossing (heavy rural)

 PDF (268KB)

​Tourist signs application (tourist establishments)

  PDF (35.9KB)

​Stock underpass installation application


 Memorandum of Encumbrance (55.7KB)

​Creation of stock crossing on road reserve application


​​ Stock Crossings and Races on Road Reserves Guide (159KB)

 Stock Droving in the Clutha District Guide (126KB)

​Application for private and/or service trench in road reserve

online form

 PDF (211KB)

Trimming or removal of trees in road reserve

online form

 PDF (52.7KB)

 Trees shading or overhanging Road Reserve Guide (1.26MB)

​Planting on road reserve application

 PDF​ (188KB)

 Trees shading or overhanging Road Reserve Guide (1.26MB)

​Application form for motorist service signs (accommodation service)

  PDF (141KB)

​Authority to Work on Road/ Road Reserve

online form

 PDF (68.4KB)

 Produce in the road corridor and damage/danger to roads Guide (372KB)

​Minor Accident Report FormPDF ​(22KB)

Rubbish and Recycling

Swimming Pools

Water and Sewerage

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