Zoning Review

The Clutha District Council is in the initial stages of reviewing the current industrial/residential zoning in the Balclutha, Milton and Stirling areas as part of our District Plan zoning review programme.

We are currently undertaking pre-notification consultation to understand what opportunities there are to provide more residential and industrial land within our communities. It is important that we can continue to attract people and businesses to our community without compromising the amenity values of our urban areas. It is also an opportunity to formalise the existing zoning to better reflect what the land is currently being used for. We want to ensure our communities have the provisions to sustainably grow in the future.

Below are our initial maps (click on them to open a full version) that we have proposed for the respective areas.  We are hoping to get the feedback from land owners in these areas and from the broader community. Remember these are just initial proposals and will be subject to change once we have received community feedback.

  Balclutha Area (PDF, 744KB)           Milton Area (PDF, 522KB)                   Stirling Area (PDF, 257KB)







When viewing the maps you can view both the current zoning of the township and where we are initially proposing to review the zoning. The areas with a 'blue crosshatch' correspond to these initial 'review' areas. The underlying colour under the 'blue crosshatch' refers to what zone could be proposed for this area. We have six key zones under our District Plan: 

  • Urban Resource Area
  • Rural Resource Area
  • Transitional Resource Area
  • Industrial Resource Area
  • Rural Settlement Resource Area
  • Coastal Resource Area 

Click on the brochures below for a summary of the different zones that we are considering reviewing.  You will find a basic summary of what are permitted activities within these zones and what you may require resource consent for.




You can find more details about the different zones and the full list of the zone rules on our District Plan page.

 Proposed noise control boundary for Fonterra Stirling (PDF, 4.87MB)

Tell us what you think

We want your feedback about your preferences for zoning in your community.

Remember we have not begun our formal consultation process yet, but we want to hear your thoughts to help inform the formal plan change process, which we will begin in early 2017.   

So please leave your comments and details below or give us a call on 0800 801 350 and ask to speak to a planner.

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