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Election results 2016

Election results final:

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Voting Document Daily Returns

Total Electors: 11,91223/9​26/927/9​28/9​29/9​30/9​3/10​4/10​5/10​6/107/10​8/10

Number of votes (cumulative)



​Daily % (cumulative)11.3314.06​17.63​18.8923.09​24.76​26.02​29.38​29.38​32.1133.3741.10

* Clutha District's Mayor Bryan Cadogan was re-elected unopposed and we did not expect as high a voter turnout as usual as there was no mayoral race.  Of the ward seats on Clutha District Council only two wards had an election, Lawrence-Tuapeka and Balclutha and at 8 October the voting return percentages were 59.5% for Lawrence-Tuapeka and 50.9% for Balclutha. 


The Clutha District Council is represented by a Mayor, who is elected by all of the district's voters, and 14 Councillors.  Councillors are elected from eight wards. These are:

  • Balclutha Ward (4 members)
  • Bruce Ward (3 members)
  • Catlins Ward (1 member)
  • Clinton Ward (1 member)
  • Clutha Valley Ward (1 member)
  • Kaitangata-Matau Ward (1 member)
  • Lawrence-Tuapeka Ward (1 member)
  • West Otago Ward (2 members)

There are also Community Boards for Lawrence-Tuapeka and West Otago, each made up of 6 members.

Elections are held under the Local Electoral Act 2001, the Local Electoral Regulations 2001 and the Local Government Act 2002.

Enrol to vote

To vote in a local authority election you must be:

  • 18 years of age or over,
  • Enrolled as a parliamentary elector at the address where you live; or
  • Enrolled as a ratepayer elector for a property you own in a different district or city from where you live.

If you are already enrolled, you should receive papers in the post outlining the details Elections New Zealand holds. If those details are correct, you need do nothing. If they are not correct, or you have not received anything in the mail, go online to  www.elections.org.nz, call 0800 367 656, or complete the appropriate form at any Post Shop before the Electoral Roll closes on 12 August 2016. 

If you live in one area and pay rates on a property in another then you may qualify to enrol on the ratepayer electoral roll. Contact the electoral office on 0800 922 822.

Please note that if you are on the Parliamentary electoral roll you will automatically be on the local authority residential electoral roll.

Election Timetable, Factsheet, FAQs

The 2016 elections will be held on Saturday, 8 October 2016.

The voting period is for three weeks from Friday 16 September 2016 to noon Saturday 8 October 2016

Candidate Names for 2016 Election

50  people have thrown their hats in the ring as candidates in the upcoming Clutha District Council elections.

  • 1 nomination for mayor
  • 18  nominations for councillor
  • 6  nominations for the West Otago Community Board
  • 7 nominations for Lawrence-Tuapeka Community Board
  • 11 for the liquor licensing trusts
  • 7  for Clutha Health First

The complete list of nominations is:

MayoraltySurnameFirst Names
​CADOGAN​Bryan Alexander​Bryan Cadogan​Elected Unopposed
Balclutha Ward ATKINSONPhillip MalcolmPhil Atkinson
Balclutha Ward GRAHAMBruce RobertBruce Graham
Balclutha Ward JENKINSONRachel ElaineRachel Jenkinson
Balclutha Ward LUDEMANNAlison JoanAlison Ludemann
Balclutha Ward PAYNEKenneth PaulKen Payne
Balclutha Ward SUTHERLANDCarol AnnCarol Sutherland
Balclutha Ward THOMSONJo-anne JanettaJo-anne Thomson
Bruce WardFINCHGaynor DoreenGaynor Finch​Elected Unopposed
Bruce WardVOLLWEILERBruceBruce Vollweiler​Elected Unopposed
Bruce WardWILKINSONSelwyn JohnSelwyn Wilkinson​Elected Unopposed
Catlins Ward McNABHilary JoanHilary McNab​Elected Unopposed
Clinton WardCOCHRANEJohn StuartJohn Cochrane​Elected Unopposed
Clutha Valley WardCOWIEStewart MatthewStewart Cowie​Elected Unopposed
Kaitangata-Matau WardGRAHAMBruce RodgerBruce Graham​Elected Unopposed
Lawrence Tuapeka WardBLACKMOREGeoffrey JohnGeoff Blackmore
Lawrence Tuapeka WardTANSLEYPaul JohnPaul John Tansley
West Otago WardHERBERTJohn StephenJohn Herbert​Elected Unopposed
West Otago WardKENNEDYMicheleMichele Kennedy​Elected Unopposed
Lawrence/Tuapeka Community Board
LTCBCURRALLQuentin Edmund HughQuentin Currall
LTCBDAVIDSONGeoffrey ThomasGeoff Davidson
LTCBFOSTERMelinda-Jane AudreyMel Foster
LTCBLITTLEMatthew ScottMatt Little
LTCBMcCORKINDALEGarry IanGarry McCorkindale
LTCBFORBESElizabeth AnnElizabeth Ritchie (Forbes)
LTCBTANSLEYPaul JohnPaul John Tansley
West Otago Community Board
WOCBHANNABarbara AnneBarbara Hanna
WOCBROBERTSONAntony WilliamAntony Robertson
WOCBROBERTSONBruce SamuelBruce Robertson
WOCBROULSTONLinda HazelLinda Roulston
WOCBWINKSuzanne MarySuzanne Wink
WOCBCRAWFORDCecil JamesCecil Crawford

Balclutha Ward 1

​CROSS​George Edward Blair​Blair Cross
Balclutha Ward 1​GARDNER​Neville Craig​Neville Gardner
Balclutha Ward 1​McPHEE​Jared Paul​Jared McPhee
Balclutha Ward 1​MORRIS​Stephen James​Steve Morris
Tokomairiro Ward 2​CARRUTHERS​Ian Robert​Ian Carruthers
Tokomairiro Ward 2​AGNEW​Robert Graham​Robert (Tiny) Agnew
Kaitangata Ward 3​GREENE​Margaret Joy​Joy Greene
Lawrence Ward 4​LYDERS​Jason Frederick Ross​Jason Lyders
Owaka Ward 5​BENNETT​Christopher George​Chris Bennett
Owaka Ward 5​MCINTOSH​Trevor Mark​Trevor McIntosh
Clinton Ward 6​McKENZIE​Scott David​Scott McKenzie

Clutha Health Incorporated

ANDERSONCatherine LouiseKate Anderson
ANDERSONHamish CrawfordHamish Anderson
CULLENNeilNeil Cullen
JONESMervyn RobertMervyn Jones
MORRISONAllan StewartStewart Morrison
RICHARDSONPaul GarryPaul Richardson
DRIVERGrant KevinGrant Driver

For more information please contact Deputy Electoral Officer Alan Dickson on 03 419 0200.

Candidate Information Booklet

 Candidate Information Booklet (PDF, 5.93MB)

Pre-election Report

The Chief Executive of the Clutha District Council issues a Pre-election Report to provide information for candidates and voters so as to promote informed debate in the upcoming local elections.

The pre-election report is prepared by the local authority's chief executive and is politically independent.

The report brings together information previously published in Clutha District Council's Long Term Plan, Annual Plans and Annual Reports.

The financial information in the report provides historic information and forecast financial information for the next three years.

The report can be downloaded below or collected from Council's main office, and Council Service Centres and Libraries.

 Pre-election Report (PDF, 1MB)

Policy on Election Hoardings

Please see our policies page for information on Election Hoardings in the Clutha District.

Election Issues

Elections will be held in October for the following:

 Clutha District Council (CDC)

  •  Election of Mayor of the Clutha District Council
  • Election of 14 Councillors of the Clutha District Council as follows:
Ward​Number of CouncillorsEstimated resident population as at June 2012
​Clutha Valley1​​1,270
​West Otago​2​2,100

Election of six community board members each as follows:

Community Board​Number of Members​Number of resident electors as at July 2013
​West Otago​6​2,100

Otago Regional Council

The Otago Regional Council election will be held for 11 councillors in four constituencies. These are:

Constituency​Number of Members
​Molyneux (Clutha)​2

Clutha Licensing Trust

The Clutha Licensing Trust is divided into six wards. These wards are:

Ward​Number of Members​Local Authority
​Balclutha​3​Clutha District
​Milton​2​Clutha District
​Kaitangata​1​Clutha District
​Lawrence​1​Clutha District
​Owaka​1​Clutha District
​Clinton​1​Clutha District

Mataura Licensing Trust

The Mataura Licensing Trust is divided into seven wards. These are:

Ward​Number of MembersLocal Authority​
​Tapanui​1​Clutha District
​Gore​3​Gore District
​Mataura​1​Gore District
​Rural​1​Gore District
​Edendale​1​Southland District
​Wyndham​1​Southland/Clutha District
​Tokanui​1​Southland/Clutha District

Clutha Health Incorporated

The Clutha Health Incoporated elections are held "at large" from within the Clutha District. Elections will be held for five community representative board members.

Gore Health Trust

Six members for the Gore Health Trust are elected on the following ward basis:

WardNumber of Members​​Local Authority
​Clutha1​​Clutha District
​Gore​4​Gore District
​Southland​1​Southland District

Electoral Officers

Electoral Officer:  Dale Ofsoske

Independent Election Services Ltd

Electoral Office: Level 2, 198 Federal St, Auckland

0800 922 822


Media Releases

Check out our news page for the latest media releases about Election 2016.

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