If you scroll down, on this page you will find information about the following consultations:

  • Annual Plan 2017/18
  • Schedule of Fees & Charges 2017/18
  • Community Plans for Balclutha, Milton and Waihola
  • Reserve Management Plans for Balclutha, Milton and Waihola
  • Rezoning of Balclutha and Milton
  • Outstanding Natural Landscapes Review

Annual Plan 2017/18

Annual Plans are completed every year and the are the mechanism for Council to achieve its Long Term Plan objectives - they identify activities and the resources needed to deliver them. We want to know what you think of this year's plan - scroll down for an online feedback form.

The 2017/18 Annual Plan includes lower rates revenue and less internal debt for Council than forecast.  It includes some changes to our work programme, mainly around the timing of projects.

However, some new projects have been identified, including a switch to LED street lighting. This follows confirmation that central government will fund 85% of the cost, so while converting the district's 1,500 streetlights would cost an estimated $1 million, Clutha District ratepayers will only pay $150,000 towards it. The benefit is the LED lights will cost less to run and maintain and have less outages because LEDs last longer.

Other projects are sewerage improvements to help meet resource consent requirements, as well as budgets to fund projects in our parks and reserves that were identified in our recent Reserve Management Plan consultation.

With confirmation of a funding contribution from NZTA, we will also be repairing the Hina Hina Bridge to keep it fully functioning. The bridge has deteriorated over a number of years and has had severe weight restrictions in place for safety reasons. Locally the bridge is considered a critical link to Jack's Bay and once repairs are completed, it will be open to vehicles weighing up to 44 tonnes - including emergency service vehicles and general farming traffic. The work will mean closures that we will keep you informed about.

You can also tell us how you think the demolition of the Kaitangata Hall should be funded and what you think of additional money being provided for the 'Working in Clutha' project that connects employers and job-seekers in the district.

Check out the links below for more information and to have your say:

Feedback opens 12 April and closes on 12 May 2017. 

Hard copies of the above information are available at Council's head office, service centres and libraries.

Fees & Charges 2017/18

You can also make a submission on our 2017/18 Schedule of Fees & Charges.

Submissions open on 12 April and close on 12 May 2017

The Schedule contains an amalgamation of the various fees and charges across Council activities and services.

For the majority of areas they have increased from the previous year by the standard inflationary adjustment. Some of the proposed changes you may be interested in include:

  • A new charge of $100 for long term campers, a micro-chipping charge of $50 for non-working dogs (this is a new service being offered).
  • Some changes to food premises charges.
  • Zero charges for internet use or word processing at libraries.
  • A reduction in official information charges.
  • One significant change being highlighted is the proposal to increase building consent fees. This is required because fee revenue has not been meeting funding policy targets meaning rates would have to subsidise the activity. The proposal suggests a one-off significant increase or smaller increases over 3 years with a rates subsidy included.

Check out the links below for more information and to have your say:

Our Place: Balclutha, Milton and Waihola

We've set a direction to promote living and working in the Clutha District. But, what does that actually mean?

Council has been working hard on its community plan for Balclutha and we're now ready to hear from our ratepayers and residents about how you think we can make the most of our community. 

Feedback closed on 27 February 2017 for the Balclutha plan, but we're still working away on the Milton and Waihola plans, so watch this space!

We're calling the plans "Our Place" and they will help determine the projects and priorities for each community, as well as help put Council's Living and Working and Economic Development Strategies into action. We've got some ideas we want to talk about. They centre on what Council can do with our key facilities and how we can work with the community to make things happen.  We want to know what you think of them and what've missed.

So, if you or your family cycle or walk in our district, play at our parks, shop in, drive through or live in our towns, then check out the information and make an online submission, keep an eye out for a consultation document in your letter-box or come and chat to us at one of the Our Place events happening over the summer months.  

Mayor's message:  " If you love our community and want to help shape a brighter future for generations to come, then please get involved in this consultation process.   Have you ever thought ‘there’s a better way to do this’ or ‘wow, we do that well, I’d hate to see it disappear’? If so, then now is the time to have your say.

Like many of you, I have aspirations of how our town and district can look, both now and into the future, so I can’t stress enough the importance of what we’re trying to achieve here. It’s time we all talked about our vision and priorities for our community, listened to others and believed that, collectively, we can make a difference. I look forward to hearing from you. " 


 Balclutha's entrances & focal points (PDF, 569KB)     Balclutha's parks & reserves (PDF, 880KB)


  Walking & cycling in Balclutha (PDF, 710KB)           Balclutha's War Memorial Hall (PDF, 1.24MB)


 Balclutha Centennial Pool & Park (PDF, 341KB)        Complete Consultation Document (PDF, 4.68MB)

Feedback on the Balclutha Community Plan closed 27 February 2017 - thanks to all those that sent a response. We'll let you know when the Milton and Waihola plans are ready for feedback.

Re-zoning of Balclutha and Milton

Under our District Plan, we're also looking at the residential and industrial zoning areas of Balclutha and Milton - find out more about that and how to have your say on our zoning review page.

Outstanding Natural Landscapes Review

The Clutha District Council is in the initial stages of reviewing the Outstanding Natural Landscapes in the district as part of our District Plan review.

The Council has identified areas in the district as having opportunities for an outstanding natural landscape classification in the District Plan. We want to ensure that areas of outstanding natural landscapes are appropriately managed.  Find out more and have you say here.

Reserve Management Plans

Draft Reserve Management Plans have been prepared for Balclutha, Milton and Waihola in accordance with the Reserves Act 1977. These draft plans cover a 10-year period and help identify the issues, barriers and opportunities for the successful management of these green spaces.

This is a formal consultation process, so see the Reserve Management Plans and make a formal submission here. Remember, this is separate from the general feedback you may have provided about our parks and reserves as part of the Our Place community planning process.

Please note the submissions on the Balclutha Reserve Management Plan closed on 27 February 2017.  The Milton and Waihola plans are still open for submissions.


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