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​The aim of the survey is to help gather feedback about the services Council offers and how well residents think those services are being provided (either directly by Council or via its contractors). It is one tool that Council uses to gauge whether the projects, programmes or changes we make alter residents' perceptions about our services. The survey also offers an opportunity to assess how residents feel about our district and opportunities we have here at the moment. 

Resident Survey 2015

 Resident Survey 2015 (PDF, 2.58MB)

The Resident Survey for 2015 was conducted during November 2015 and resulted in 333 residents giving their views during a telephone survey.

The survey reported positive ratings for overall performance, advice and helpfulness of staff (84%) and ease of lodging a service request/complaint (87%).

The top scoring Council service was  library services with a score of 100%, meaning of those people surveyed all of them who had used library services in the past 12 months were satisfied with the service.

Service and information centres came in a close second place with a score of 99%.

Residents were also asked, for the first time, about their satisfaction around Council's goal to promote growth and living in the Clutha District, with a result of 89%.  This was a pleasing result given the priority Council's growth strategies were given in last year's Long Term Plan consultation.

However, Council received lower ratings for how well a service request or issue was handled and resolved. 

Also ranking near the bottom was resident satisfaction with the maintenance of local unsealed, gravel roads, however its score of 56% was an improvement on last year.  

Council uses  the survey to gather feedback about services, to help gauge information about Council projects, to provide accountability in our reporting and to see what further work needs to be done. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who took part in the survey to help us make informed decisions.  

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