Roading Brochures

Stock Crossings and Races on Road Reserve

(PDF, 160kb, opens new window)

In July 2008, after a lengthy period of public consultation, Council adopted a new Roading Bylaw which consolidated our Stock Droving, Parking and Traffic, and Speed Limit bylaws. It also includes new requirements such as the need for any new dairy conversion or expansion operating on opposite sides of the road to install a stock underpass, unless exempted by Council in some situations. In this brochure, we explain the new requirements under the Roading Bylaw relating to Stock Crossings and Races on Road Reserve.



Stock Droving in Clutha District

(PDF, 127kb, opens new window)

In July 2008, after a lengthy period of public consultation, Council adopted a new Roading Bylaw which consolidated our Stock Droving, Parking and Traffic, and Speed Limit bylaws. It also includes new requirements such as making sure you notify us when moving stock in certain situations, and charging for the recovery of costs of repair when it comes to causing damage to the roads. In this brochure, we explain the new requirements under the Roading Bylaw relating to Stock Droving, as well as those existing key requirements carried over from the old bylaws and existing Council policy.



Trees Shading or Overhanging Road Reserve Brochure

(PDF, 109kb, opens new window)

This brochure provides an explanation of Clutha District Council?s policy in respect to trees on private property or road reserve which become a danger to the general public. It has been designed to help make sure roads are not shaded during winter months, to ensure vegetation does not impede visibility at corners or intersections, and to prevent vegetation from becoming a danger to foot pedestrians.

Produce in the road corridor and damage/danger to roads

(PDF, 373kb, opens new window)

Produce such as baleage stored in the road corridor can create a number of direct and indirect hazards for motorists. While we live in a rural area and farming activities are an integral part of our district, road safety always has to be the first priority.

In this brochure, we explain Council?s position on the banning of storage of produce in the road corridor and on other causes of damage to the road/footpath.



Advertising Signs in the Clutha District

(PDF, 45kb, opens new window)


This brochure is intended to help those people who wish to erect an advertising sign.



Regulatory Brochures

A Guide to Common Neighbourly Disputes
(PDF, 238kb, new window)
Disputes between neighbours can arise from a number of causes, but the most common issues tend to be trees, fences and noise. The law provides a solution in many cases, but does not cover every case in which disagreements arise.
Information for Dog Owners Brochure
(PDF, 320kb, new window)
This brochure explains the various provisions outlined in the Dog Control Act 1996, including the new requirements, and summarises the obligations of dog owners under Council?s own Dog Control Bylaw.
Dog Noise Information
(PDF, 315kb, new window)
We all expect dogs to bark, especially if somebody comes to the property (his domain). However, if dogs bark for prolonged periods they may cause considerable disturbance to neighbours. There are various ways of encouraging dogs to stop barking and our Animal Control Officers are always happy to give advice.
Noise Control and You
(PDF, 123kb, new window)

The law imposes a duty on the occupiers of premises to ensure that the emission of noise does not exceed a reasonable level. The Act does not define ?reasonable? or ?reasonable level?, so in the first instance this is for the Enforcement Officer to decide, using any of

a number of factors explained in this brochure.

Relocating a Dwelling
(PDF, 51kb, new window)

The relocation of dwellings has become very popular, and provides a good use for a house which is no longer wanted on its current site. Council has rules in the District Plan which control the activity of relocating buildings because of the effect they can have on the amenity values of the neighbourhood into which they relocate.  By controlling the relocation of these buildings, Council is able to impose conditions to ensure the buildings are upgraded to an acceptable standard as soon as possible after their relocation.

Subdivisions - A Guide for Applicants
(PDF, 384kb, new window)
This information is intended as a starting guideline only. There can be many specific factors that affect a subdivision proposal, and it is only by discussing the proposal with a surveyor and council staff that these can be assessed.
Hairdressers Guide to Requirements
Fencing of Pools Guidelines

Water Services Brochures
Rural Water Schemes general information
(PDF, 173kb, opens new window)
Information about required storage, restrictors, strainers, frost and stock protection, trees near Council pipelines, excavation work, TXT messaging service, and fault reporting for the rural water schemes in the Clutha District.


Miscellaneous Brochures

Cemeteries Brochure
(PDF, 244kb, new window)
This brochure provides more information with respect to Council's policy on the purchasing of plots; new monuments; as well as general information about ashes beams, memorial beams, wreaths and tributes, plantings and ornaments, and maintenance.
Safety Guidelines for Volunteers Working in Parks and Reserves
(PDF, 1MB, new window)
The Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 offers protection for the health and safety of volunteers in the course of their work as well as employees.
As there are many valued volunteers throughout the Clutha District who contribute towards the maintenance of parks and reserves in the area Council has put together this pamphlet as a guideline to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Council thanks you for your efforts and asks that you comply with these guidelines to ensure your activities are safe.
Clutha Country - how to use your brand
(PDF, 875kb, new window)
This brand is not ours; it?s yours, a symbol of how you see yourself and a way to sell yourself to the world. Embrace your identity, use this brand to your advantage and make it come to life. It is after all what makes you unique.


Tourism Brochures


Destination Clutha

(PDF, 6MB)

The latest  comprehensive guide for all visitors to the Clutha District, including information about the entire district, individual communities/areas as well as some of the 'must-dos', maps and history of the district.


Walking and Bike Tracks in Clutha Country

(PDF, 1.07MB, opens new window)

Clutha Country has some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife, across a myriad of landscapes from coastal rocky shores and sandy beaches, wetlands to rolling hills and Blue Mountains.

A wide selection of walking and bike tracks are available within our diverse countryside, from a short 15-minute trek to something more challenging for the more discerning tramper or cyclist.

Clutha Country has a fabulous natural environment abound with easily accessible outdoor pursuits in wide open spaces and an ever-changing landscape. All this provides a challenging playground for even the most adventurous of us!

Leave the rest of the world behind, come and experience the welcome and wonders of Clutha Country.


Freedom Camping in Clutha Country

(PDF, 1.5MB, opens new window)

The Clutha district?s many distinct and diverse regions, with abundant natural and scenic landscapes, coastlines and wide-open spaces are well-suited to campers.

Having guidelines for campers is intended to allow this form of tourism and recreation to continue, but to provide some protection to our community?s natural environment, to minimise littering and dumping of toilet wastes.


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