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Thu 29 May

(Annual Plan Meeting, 12.30pm)

Wed 4 June Thu 19 June Mon 23 June Thu 3 July
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Wed 19 November

 Thu 4 December


Thu 18 December


Clutha District Council Public Forums

(i)           The local authority will provide time at the commencement of each meeting for members of the public to address the meeting, provided that unless the meeting determines otherwise, a limit of five minutes will apply to each speaker or group.

(ii)          Direct criticism of individual Councillors and Staff is not permitted and the speaker shall not be allowed to question or debate with members; although questions may be submitted for subsequent evaluation and answer.  Members may question the speaker for clarification.

(iii)         The Chairperson may refuse applications which are repetitious or offensive and may terminate a speaker in progress where the subject matter is disrespectful or offensive, or where the Chairperson has reason to believe that statements have been made with malice.

(vi)         At the conclusion of the submission and after members have questioned the speaker for clarification, the presenter shall either leave the council chamber or stay on for the remainder of the meeting.

Guidelines for people who wish to speak in the public forum section of a meeting

The following are guidelines to help you in the preparation and presentation of your submission.

If you require any help or further clarification please contact council.

1.             Be prepared. 

2.             Arrive prior to the appointed time.

3.             Take a seat in the public gallery at the back of the council chambers.

4.             If you have a handout/document please supply 20 copies (for Councillors and Staff).

5.             You may wish to give the minute taker a copy of your address notes.

6.             Come forward when invited by the Mayor or Chairperson.

7.             Speak to your written submission.

8.             You are allowed no more than five minutes.

?               Be concise.

?               Cover all your main points.

?               Stick to your original precis.

9.         The Mayor or Chairperson may ask Councillors if they have any questions.  Answer through the Mayor or Chairperson and try to be concise as you can.

10.       Retire when the Mayor/Chairperson thanks you for your submission.

You may now leave the meeting or remain in the public gallery.

Remember ? you may only speak during your submission time or to answer a question from the Mayor or Chairperson.  Make the best use of your time.





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