Regulatory Bylaw
Water and Sanitary Services Bylaw
Roading Bylaw
Key Policies

The bylaws are created in response to needs and concerns of our district, and as such, evolve and change over time. This page lists the current Clutha District bylaws:
Regulatory Bylaw:
Part One - Introduction to Regulatory Bylaw (PDF, 69kb, new window)
The purpose of the introductory section is to identify and clearly interpret the terms and expressions used throughout the Bylaw
Part Two - Public Places (PDF, 43kb, new window)
This Part of the bylaw controls a diverse range of activities to ensure that acceptable standards of convenience, safety, visual amenity and civic values are maintained for the wellbeing and enjoyment of citizens, visitors and businesses within the district. It includes information on freedom camping, littering and Kaka Point foreshore glass ban.
Bylaw clauses around Freedom Camping were reviewed and updated in 2012, with the changes coming into effect on 9 August 2012.
Part Three - Hostels (PDF, 44kb, new window)
This part of the Bylaw draws together some of the legislative requirements in regards to the operation of hostels, guest houses, boarding houses, motels and residential clubs, to ensure that conditions do not arise that may threaten the health and safety of tenants, neighbours or the community.
Part Four - Trading in Public Places (PDF, 28kb, new window)
The general purpose of this Part of the bylaw is to regulate the conduct of persons selling goods on streets, roads, footpaths and other public places; and to regulate the conduct of persons using vehicles to sell goods and services to the general public; and to regulate the conduct of persons soliciting for donations or subscriptions, or distributing advertising material; to ensure public safety, minimise conflict with neighbouring land uses, and protect the intended use of the public place.
Please note this part of the Bylaw was updated and came into effect on 20 December 2010.
Part Five - The Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees (PDF, 22kb, new window)
The purpose of this part of the bylaw is to outline requirements for the keeping of  animals, poultry and bees. The requirements are deemed necessary for the protection of neighbours and property owners.
Part Six - Dog Control (PDF, 31kb, new window)
The object of this Bylaw is to control the keeping of dogs in the area of the Clutha District Council.
Part Seven - Liquor Control (PDF, 43kb, new window)
This bylaw is to prohibit the consumption or possession of liquor in specified public places for the purposes of:
(a) protecting the public from nuisance;
(b) protecting, promoting, and maintaining public health and safety;
(c) minimising the potential for offensive behaviour in public places.
Maps Showing Liquor Ban areas (PDF)

Water and Sanitary Services Bylaw:
Part One - Water Bylaw (PDF, 248kb, new window)
Part Two - Solid Waste Bylaw 2012


The Solid Waste Services Information document below is not part of the Bylaw, but has been prepared to give effect to the provisions of the Bylaw and provide further information.


Adobe Acrobat DocumentSolid Waste Services Information (PDF, 4.8MB, opens new window)


Adobe Acrobat DocumentWheelie Bins Policy


Roading Bylaw:
Part One - Introduction (PDF, 48kb, new window)
The purpose of the Roading Bylaw is to promote public safety and effectively regulate pedestrian, animal and traffic movements on roads, footpaths and public places within the Clutha District.
Part Two - Stock Movement (PDF, 36kb, new window)
The objective of this part of the Bylaw is to control the movement of stock along and across roads.
Part Three - Road Damage and Danger (PDF, 57kb, new window)
The purpose of this part of the Bylaw is to deter damage to roads or part of any road in the Clutha District. If damage does occur this Bylaw seeks to enable Council to ensure those accountable are responsible for the costs of rectifying the damage.
Part Four - Speed Limits (PDF, 15kb, opens a new window)
The purpose of this bylaw is to promote public safety and effectively regulate traffic movements on roads within the Clutha District.
Please click here to see the Speed Limit Bylaw maps.
Part Five - Parking and Traffic (PDF, 41kb, new window)
        Appendix - Register of Restricted parking Areas (PDF, 214kb, new window)


Key Policies


Financial Contributions Policy 2015-18 (PDF, 61kb)


Policy on Rates Postponement 2015-18 (PDF, 54kb)


Policy on Remission and Postponement of Rates for Maori Freehold Land 2015-18 (PDF, 56kb)


Policy on Rates Remission (PDF, 56kb)


Revenue and Financing Policy 2015-18 (PDF, 761kb)


Treasury Management Policy (PDF, 147kb, opens new window)


Significance and Engagement Policy (PDF, 540kb, opens new window)


Partnerships with the Private Sector Policy (PDF, 111kb, opens new window)

Earthquake Prone Buildings (PDF, 43kb, new window)
Freedom Camping Policy (PDF, 26kb, new window)
Policy on Council Reimbursement (PDF, 19kb, opens new window)
Stock Crossings, Races on Road Reserve and Stock Underpasses (PDF, 143kb, new window)
Policy for Dust Suppression on Unsealed Roads

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