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Public Notice of Temporary Liquor Ban at Lawrence, for Quarter Mile Drags event


The Clutha District Council, in accordance with clause 704.2 of the Clutha District Council Regulatory Bylaw 2008, by resolution at its meeting on 26 February 2015 imposed a temporary ban liquor on either the 11th or 12th of April 2015, being whichever day the Lawrence Quarter Mile Drags is held, for the following streets at Lawrence: State Highway 8 between Kilmarnock Street and Brown Road, being Beaumont Highway, Ross Place, Whitehaven Street, Harrington Place and Sowerby Street; Colonsay Street; Bloy Road; Thompson Road; Irvine Street; Wetherstons Road; and Waipori Road from Irvine Street to 1 kilometre west of Thompson Road. Public notices of the Temporary Liquor Ban will be put in place.


It will be an offence against the Bylaw during the stated period for any person to:

(a)    consume liquor in those places, or in a vehicle within those places;

(b)   bring liquor into those places;

(c)    possess liquor in those places, or in a vehicle within those places.

 Steve Hill

Chief Executive

Summer Water Restrictions Lifted

The Clutha District Council advises that due to the onset of cooler temperatures, the normal 'Stage One - Summer Mode' water restrictions which had been in place for the entire district will be lifted from midnight Sunday 15th March 2015.

Council will look at re-establishing these seasonal restrictions if weather conditions demand again next summer.

Water consumers should continue to avoid wastage of water at all times, as there is a cost involved to treat and supply this water even when there is no shortage.


Public Notice of Decisions on Plan Changes 28-36 to the Clutha District Plan - 20 December 2014

Plan Changes 28-32 Natural Hazards, Esplanade Reserves and Strips, and Conservation Land


Plan Changes 33-36 Public Works and Network Utilities

Clause 10 of First Schedule, Resource Management Act 1991

 The Clutha District Council has made decisions on Proposed Plan Changes 28-36 to the Clutha District Plan.

 From Monday 22 December 2014, the decisions may be inspected at the Clutha District Council Offices, 1 Rosebank Terrace; Lawrence Service Centre, 5 Peel Street, Lawrence; Milton Service Centre, 124-126 Union Street, Milton; and Tapanui Service Centre, Suffolk Street, Tapanui, or on Council's website l  Please contact David Campbell (Phone 03 419 0200) if you have any questions about the decisions.

 Any person who has made a submission and/or further submission has the right to appeal against the decision to the Environment Court if,

       -  in relation to a provision or matter that is the subject of the appeal, the person referred to the provision or matter in the    person's submission/further submission on the plan changes and;

        -  the appeal does not seek the withdrawal of the proposed plan change as a whole.

Any appeal to the Environment Court under this clause must be in the prescribed form and lodged with the Environment Court within 30 working days of service of the notice of decision of the local authority under clause 11  of the Resource Management Act 1991. For clarification, 30 working days ends on Tuesday 24 February 2015.

This appeal period had now closed.

Steve Hill,


Click here to see Plan Changes 28-32 and 33-36


Public Health Notice - 19 December 2014

Some plumbing fittings have the potential to allow minute traces of metals to accumulate in water standing in the fittings for several hours.

Although the health risk is small, the Ministry of Health recommends that you flush a cup-full of water from your drinking-water tap each morning before use to remove any metals that may have dissolved from the plumbing fittings.

We are recommending this simple precaution for all households, including those on public and private water supplies.

Steve Hill






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