Clutha District Council Weather and Roading Update #5

Tuesday, 24 May 2016, 5.00pm

All roads are now open except for MacFarlane Road, which will remain closed overnight due to surface flooding.

Please remember to still drive to the conditions and take care on our roads.


Clutha District Council Weather and Roading Update

Tuesday, 24 May 2016, 9.00am

Maintenance Crews are currently out inspecting the roads in West Otago.

Ardmore Road, Greenvale Road and Wooded Hill Road at Kelso are all now open but road users need to take care as there is still some surface flooding and debris on the roads. 

Black Gully West Road is still to be inspected.

MacFarlane Rd was closed last night due to the Pomahaka River at Burkes Ford rising. This road still remains closed and will be reviewed later this morning

The Southern Scenic Route through the Clutha District at Caberfeidh was opened last night.

Civil Defence staff will continue to monitor rivers and with some areas still affected by surface flooding, please drive to the conditions and take care on the roads.


Clutha District Council Weather and Roading Update

Monday, 23 May 2016, 5.00pm

All the roads in West Otago listed below will remain closed with signs and barriers staying up overnight for safety reasons.

 The roads will be re-assessed tomorrow morning for damage  at approximately 8.30am.

 ·        Greenvale Road is closed from the Wooded Hill/Ardmore Rd intersection to Cross Road.

 ·        Wooded Hill Road is closed at the intersection of SH 90.

 ·        Ardmore Road is closed at the Walker Road intersection.

 ·        Black Gully West Road closed from the State Highway 90 intersection to Fleming Road.

 ·        Due to flooding, a detour is in place at the Pomahaka Bridge on State Highway 90, please check the NZTA website for the latest conditions and closures on State Highways:

 ·        Many other areas are affected by surface flooding.

The Southern Scenic Route through the Clutha District at Caberfeidh and the Tahakopa township are currently being assessed and signs will be left up if necessary.

Civil Defence staff are monitoring river levels in the district with flood flows now in the lower reaches of most rivers and expected to peak overnight. If the rain continues to ease, river levels should start to drop tomorrow.

High tide was due at about 4pm, which may have affected low-lying coastal roads.

Please drive to the conditions and take extra care on the roads when driving in the dark at night or early tomorrow morning.  

At this stage, no further updates are planned for this evening.


Clutha District Council Media Release

Friday, 20 May 2016

Council makes Annual Plan decisions

Clutha District Councillors made a number of Annual Plan decisions at yesterday's Council meeting.

The decisions were made after Council received 136 submissions from the public.

The Annual Plan 2016/17 will not be officially adopted until 15 June 2016, which is also when the rates will be set for the coming year.

The overall rates revenue received by Council will increase by 3.39%, with average urban rate increases ranging from between 5.86% in Balclutha to 0.46% in Clinton, while average rural rates generally show no increases.

However as the 3.39% rates revenue increase includes additional revenue from rural water scheme growth with more water units being purchased, the projected average rates increase to ratepayers across the district is 2.85%.

Council's decisions included:

To install a pumping station at Palmer Place in Taieri Mouth to mitigate stormwater issues in the area. Palmer Place was identified as a high priority for stormwater improvements, with the current situation having a significant impact on a number of properties. A pumping station will provide more capacity for the catchment to handle heavy or prolonged rainfall.

For Council to start a dust suppression programme that sees a semi-permanent sealing solution applied to roads, paid in part or in full by residents, in conjunction with permitting residents (subject to conditions) to arrange and pay for oiling their road themselves. This combination accommodates the preferences expressed by 70% of submitters. Until now Council had shared the cost of oiling the roads with residents but with the cost going up by more than 500% and Otago being one of the few areas where oil-based dust suppression is still permitted, it was time to review the situation.

To make two carparks in the Council-owned carpark by the Warehouse available (at fair market rental) for a proposed electric car charging station.

To introduce voluntary targeted rates schemes for home insulation (where homeowners can get financial assistance to insulate their homes under a recognised scheme, such as EECA), for connection to sewerage schemes or extensions (where a homeowner wants to connect to Council scheme and the pay the cost through their rates over time) and for dust suppression sealing.

To provide financial assistance for the 'house and land packages' in Kaitangata being promoted by the community group Kaitangata and District Promotions. Assistance would include waiving/discounting Council fees to a maximum of $5,000 using Council’s existing fee reimbursement scheme.

To increase the Cross Recreation Centre's annual operating grant by $10,000 to $ 43,300. Representatives of the Centre presented a business case outlining the expected benefits from the increase, including an ability for it to generate more revenue as a result. Councillors were told during submissions that the Centre has been so successful with the number of users jumping from 60,000 to 80,000 that staff have had no capacity to pursue alternative funding and revenue streams. The funding increase should allow staff to do this. Councillors acknowledged the tremendous success of the Centre during the meeting.

To provide a one-off increase of $10,000 towards the South Otago curator position at South Otago Museum in Balclutha. Council already funds $32,800 towards the position. In additional, Council also provides $58,825 to the six museums in the district (including South Otago) towards their operational costs such as power and rates. This one-off increase of $10,000 towards the South Otago curator position would not be released until the South Otago Historical Society, which operates the Museum, is the subject of an independent review of its governance and operations.

During the meeting Councillors also made the decision (following a public consultation process) to extend the current central Balclutha liquor ban to the following areas:

George Street between Clyde and Charlotte Streets
John Street between Clyde and James Streets
James Street between Elizabeth and Renfrew Streets
Elizabeth Street between James and Clyde Streets
6,8 and 10 Elizabeth Street.

This follows the Police asking Council to consider extending the ban in central Balclutha, particularly around the areas upgraded during the recent main street project that has created attractive areas for people to congregate.

Mayor Bryan Cadogan thanked all those who made the time to submit and take part in the Annual Plan process.

Councillors will now adopt the final Annual Plan and officially strike the rates at a Council meeting on 15 June 2016.



Clutha District Council Media Release

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

New Zealand authors subject of photo exhibition at Balclutha Library

wo well-known Otago authors will be at the launch of a new photo exhibition at Balclutha Library next month.

The Library is hosting the exhibition '43 NZ Authors' by photographer Maja Moritz. It includes portraits of all 43 New Zealand authors who attended the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

The title '43 NZ Authors' reflects the working title of an assignment by the German press agency, which asked Maja to photograph the New Zealand authors who were present at the Book Fair, as New Zealand was the guest of honour that year.

The portrait photographs are accompanied by texts, information and book recommendations from and about the authors.

Clutha District Council Library Manager Vicki Darling said many authors have contributed a special text or answered some questions especially for this exhibition about how they became authors, what they love about writing most, and what they would recommend to someone who wishes to become an author too.

She's also delighted that Dunedin authors Philip Temple and Paddy Richardson (who were part of the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair) will be speaking at the official opening, taking place at 5.30pm on 1 June at Balclutha Library.

Those wanting to attend the opening can RSVP by contacting Balclutha Library on 03 418 1677 or emailing

The exhibition will be on display until 10 July.

Clutha District Council Media Release

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Contract awarded for Nuggets Road Sealing Project

Clutha District Council has awarded the construction contract for the Nuggets Road sealing project to SouthRoads for a price of $2.13 million.

Four tenders were received for the work, ranging from $2.13 to $2.25 million.

The sealing project will be completed in two stages, with the first stage due to start this coming winter. It will involve sealing the carpark at the end of the road, closest to the lighthouse, installing guard rails, as well as some tree cutting and rock stabilisation work. The second stage will begin next summer and will involve, cleaning up, widening some of the road and applying a chip seal from where the road meets Karoro Creek Road all the way to the lighthouse.

An exact start date will be confirmed in the near future.

Council's Capital Delivery Manager Steve Gordon said the sealing work should be able to be carried out without closing the road but asked drivers to be patient and mindful of construction safety measures such as reduced speed limits.

The NZ Transport Agency approved a budget of $2.7 million for the project and is contributing $1.6 million, close to 60% of the total cost. The remaining cost is being met by Council.

The Transport Agency's funding is part of the Otago Transport Investment Programme, which identified the sealing of the Nuggets Road as one of four key projects that would benefit Otago.

Southern Regional Director Jim Harland said the Transport Agency was pleased to see the contract finalised.

"With more than 60,000 visitors a year - from other parts of New Zealand and from overseas - this unsealed road to the lighthouse is a prime candidate for sealing.

We know that gravel roads can be a challenge for many drivers, especially visitors, who may not have encountered them before. The more we can do to improve safety for everyone on this Southern Scenic Route the better."


Clutha District Council Media Release

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Residents to be questioned about satisfaction levels as part of a wider Otago survey

A random selection of Clutha District residents will be contacted by the research company Versus over the coming weeks to measure their customer satisfaction levels with Council.

The results will form part of benchmark that participating Otago councils can use to compare results. The survey was commissioned by the Otago Mayoral Forum and will help Clutha District Council further understand what our residents think of our facilities and services.

It should not be confused with the annual Resident Survey that Council carries out which asks Clutha District residents questions a wide range of questions about Council.

This survey will see approximately 1700 people throughout Otago contacted by phone and the results for each district shared with the participating Councils.

Council Chief Executive Steve Hill said the results of the survey should allow Otago councils to learn from each other.      

"It will be useful to understand the differences between the districts in Otago and question what we are doing differently."

Phone surveys are expected to be completed by the end of May.


 Clutha District Council Media Release

Wednesday 24 February 2016

 Milton Pool Opening

 Clutha District Council is pleased to inform the Milton community that the Milton Pool will be opening on Saturday morning at 10.30am.

 The hours for Saturday, February 27th and Sunday February 28th will be 10.30am-12.00pm and then 1.00pm-4.00pm.

 We may have reduced hours during the first week or two as we continue to arrange pool staff, however we will keep people updated via Facebook.

 We are also planning to trial some extended hours during the shorter season and will run the pool as long we can keep it to heated to acceptable temperature. Hopefully, this means more people can use the pool in this half of the season.

 Repairs have been carried out to fix a fracture in the pool and Council will continue to investigate longer term options for the pool, in conjunction with the Milton community.

 The insurance company has also informed Council that they have accepted the claim for the cracks in the pool floor and have agreed to pay for repairing these.   

 "Meanwhile, I'd like to thank the community once again for its patience and hope all the swimmers enjoy their newly repaired and painted pool."

 Attributable Group Manager Service Delivery Jules Witt.


Clutha District Council Media Release

Thursday 4 February 2016

Papatowai Bridge

Papatowai Bridge in the Catlins will now be closed for major repairs from Monday, 29 February until 23 May 2016.

This is after the Papatowai Challenge takes place.

There will be detours in place.

However, the Council is aware this will have an impact on both locals and tourists.

Unfortunately, it is critical that the work on the bridge happens soon as otherwise weight restrictions will have to be imposed meaning commercial traffic such as tourist buses and logging trucks would not be able to use the bridge.

The deck of the bridge is being strengthened, but the piles of the bridge also need to be repaired and this involves work in the river.

Firstly, this work can only be carried during low river flows, which occur during the summer months.  Secondly, resource consent conditions mean work in the waterways (river) must be carried out before the end of April (and cannot occur again until October).

Detours will be put in place, but these will be on gravel roads.

We apologise for the impact this closure is going to have on local businesses and visitors to the Catlins, but it is not possible to carry out the work during winter months.

Council will have ongoing discussions with the contractor carrying out the project to minimise to the closure.


Clutha District Council Media Release

Thursday 24  December 2015

 Milton Pool Update

 Council wanted to let the Milton community know that contractors have now been engaged to do drainage and sealing work at the Milton Swimming Pool.

 Initial work has already started and will continue over the Christmas break with all the contractors  back on deck from January 5th.

 Council is confident the pool will be open by mid-February, but we're hoping to be able to open sooner than that, if work goes well.

 This means Milton locals will still have a couple of months to enjoy the pool this season.

 As we've said in earlier media releases a significant fracture, running the length of the pool, was discovered during the off-season.

 Council is still investigating longer term options for the pool and we'll keep the community informed as this work progresses.


Clutha District Council Media Release

Thursday 17 December 2015

New Zealand Transport Agency approves funding for Nuggets Road sealing project.
The NZ Transport Agency has approved a budget of up to $2.7 million to seal the Nuggets Road.
This follows Clutha District Council's decision in May to proceed with project as part of our 2015/16 Long Term Plan, but only as long as it qualified for financial assistance from the Transport Agency.
Now, the Transport Agency has approved funding at an assistance rate of 59.69%, meaning it will contribute $1.64 million dollars to the project, with the remaining costs to be covered by Council.
Clutha District Council Service Delivery Manager Jules Witt said this was great news for those living in the district, as well as those who visit the popular tourist spot, the Nuggets.
"We look forward to the improved safety and driving experience that this project will bring to a key destination in the Catlins area."
Council will now continue with detailed design work, and it is expected that the tendering process for construction will happen this summer, with construction itself expected to start in Autumn 2016.
The Transport Agency funding is part of the 2015-18 Otago Transport Investment Programme, which identified the sealing of Nuggets Road as one of four key projects to create transport solutions for a thriving Otago.
Jim Harland, Southern Region Director for the Transport Agency, said the sealing of the road would be of great benefit to visiting drivers and locals alike.

"Visiting drivers, in particular, have challenges driving on unsealed roads. Visitor numbers to Nugget Point have increased to more than 60,000 per year and the biggest challenge for visitor drivers and many local drivers on this unsealed road is loose gravel.  This sealing will enhance safety for everyone on this popular Southern Scenic Route."
The project is also part of the 2015-18 Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans and has been endorsed as a priority one project by the Otago/Southland Transport Committee.

 Clutha District Council Media Release

Friday 4 December 2015

Update on the Milton Pool

At yesterday's meeting of the Service Delivery Committee, Councillors gave Council staff the go-ahead to begin the process of repairing the cracks in the Milton Pool with the aim of opening it later this swimming season.

A  sealing solution and a number of repairs have been proposed by engineers to enable the pool to open in the summer of 2016, and Council has given direction for the staff to proceed with the initial works as soon as possible.

The estimated cost of these repairs and sealing work is up to $90,000, a significant part of which will be funded from the budget that was already set aside to the run the Milton Pool this season.

The community should be aware that this is only an interim repair measure, and while the engineers can offer no guarantees, it would be expected to last 3-5 years.

Work on longer-term solutions for the Milton Pool would be carried out during that time.

Council  held a vote on an interim option to provide a bus service to Balclutha for Milton swimmers, which was unsuccessful, but instead asked staff to bring back to Council at the 17 December meeting any options for possible temporary concessions for Milton swimmers at the Balclutha pool.

Council wants to thank all those who took the time to attend November's public meeting at the pool.


Clutha District Council Media Release

Friday 4 December 2015

Standard 'Summer Mode' water restrictions underway

 The onset of summer sees the normal 'Stage One - Summer Mode' water restrictions in place, these came into effect for the entire Clutha District from 1 December 2015.

 Service Delivery Manager Jules Witt said the 'Stage One - Summer Mode' restriction means watering is restricted to between the hours of 8pm to 8am only.

 This means that watering systems and sprinklers may be used during these times, but should not be left unattended and the occupier must ensure that water is not being used wastefully.

 Mr Witt said that while it may seem strange to have water restrictions given the recent wet weather, these minor restrictions are more about getting people into the habit of using water conservatively and hopefully avoiding more severe restrictions if dry conditions do prevail throughout summer.

 "It is also important to note that while many of the district's water schemes have plentiful sources, restrictions are required during times of high demand because the treatment plants and pipe capacity of schemes restrict the amount of water that can be delivered to consumers," Mr Witt said.

 This is also a reminder for those on the North Bruce Rural Water Scheme, where scheme flows are high for this time of year, to check for leaks and continue to be vigilant about not wasting water.

 Again, this will reduce the likelihood of more stringent restrictions in the future.

 Exemptions may be granted by Council on a case-by-case basis to commercial properties and for irrigation depending on the level of restrictions in place, the extent of the dry period, and the time of the year.

 Other tips for conserving water include:

  • Report water leaks in Council pipes and fittings to your nearest Council office, or call 0800 801 350 if outside of business hours.
  • Fix drips and leaks in your own plumbing and outdoor troughs etc.
  • Water the garden in the early morning or evening, and only as necessary.
  • Don't leave water running unnecessarily.
  • Showers are more economical than baths.
  • Use a bucket to wash the car.

Clutha District Council Media Release

Monday 30th November 2015

Official opening of Balclutha's main street upgrade

Balclutha's new-look main street will be officially opened on Saturday, 5 December and everyone is invited.

The short opening ceremony will be held at 12.40pm on the corner of Elizabeth and Clyde Streets and will be followed by a Christmas Parade, which starts at 1pm. 

Mayor Bryan Cadogan and local MP Todd Barclay will be at the opening.

Construction began in May with the work expected to last until the end of November. Council is delighted to be able to mark the official opening on 5 December, with almost all of the work now complete.

Council would like to take this opportunity to thank business owners and members of the public for their support and patience during the past few months, we know its been a long winter, but we’re delighted with the outcome of the project and think the CBD looks great.

Local residents can be proud of their shopping and business district and the new inviting main street should encourage visitors to stop and enjoy what Balclutha has to offer.

Overall, we believe the project has been a success and Council has already received a lot of positive feedback from residents and business owners.

The new main street should be a positive factor for the wider district, as Balclutha is our largest commercial hub.

There is a district-wide benefit in having vibrant towns and attractive main streets.

While the project is essentially finished, there will still be a few cosmetic details to complete after Saturday's opening such as the installation of the last timber posts, concrete planters and associated minor work.

However, in consideration of Christmas shoppers and our retailers, the contractors will not return to the site until February 2016 to finish the last few details.

We will not know the final cost of the project until about March next year, when all the final claims from contractors have been received.

The total project budget was $2.71 million, which included around $400,000 for undergrounding the powerlines and another $200,000 from the New Zealand Transport Agency for new street lights

Council expects that the project will be slightly over-budget, as of 13 November we had spent $1.8 million which is just under what we  expected to have spent by now.

However, as with most construction projects the bulk of the bills arrive at the end of the process once final quantities, etc. are known.

Mayor Bryan Cadogan said he was thrilled with the upgrade, especially with what it means for the district as a whole.

"The main street project combines well  with our overall plan for the district's future growth and development.

 We have so much potential to grow as a district with the jobs and enviable lifestyle on offer, and developments such as this provide further stimulus for growth.

This is important because only through growth can we get the critical mass needed to contain Council costs in to the future."

Mr Cadogan encouraged everyone to visit the CBD  over the next few weeks and spend some time enjoying what's on offer.

Once again, we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. 


 The above can be attributed to Service Delivery Manager Mr Jules Witt, except for the comments from Mayor Bryan Cadogan.

Clutha District Council Media Release

Monday 16th November 2015

Public information session to be held about Milton Swimming Pool cracking

Council is concerned about keeping the Milton community up to date about this important community issue and as such has organised a public information session (details below).

This update follows the information we released in October that was covered in the Clutha Leader, Otago Daily Times, and on the Council’s website.

Extensive cracking was found in the base of the main pool at Milton's swimming pool complex during the off season.

A significant fracture has appeared running the length of the pool, with other secondary cracks radiating from it. 

Council engaged engineers to investigate the cracking in August once it was discovered.

We were advised that a temporary repair would not  necessarily be effective enough to allow the pool to open this season, so Council has been exploring other options.

Following an onsite meeting with elected members, Council staff, engineers and members of the public, plumbers have started assessing the pipe work associated with the pool to see if any pipes need replacing or repairing.

Core drilling began last week in the base of the pool to assess both the condition of the concrete and ground beneath the pool.

Council would then expect to know in the next week or two, whether a major repair is needed to the ground itself or whether a more straightforward repair job can be carried out to seal the pool in some way.

If only a sealing job is needed the pool may be able to open for at least some of the season, if major work is needed to the ground underneath the pool, it will almost certainly be closed for the season.

Mayor Bryan Cadogan said initial indications are a long-term repair could potentially cost more than $100,000, and work is being carried out now to assess what the best repair option is.

"I want to stress that as a community we have to understand the serious implications of the cracking in the pool and realise it may not be a simple patch-up job, in fact a quick fix runs the risk of a catastrophic failure of the pool."

Once again Council knows this is disappointing for the Milton community and we have been in contact with the Milton Swimming Club to accommodate some swimmers, especially those who swim competitively, at the Balclutha Pool. 

The 33.7m x 13m pool is about 50 years old and is located within Taylor Park.

Public Meeting Details:

A public information session will be held at Milton Swimming Pool on Thursday, 26th November at 5.30pm.

Anyone wanting to know more is invited and it will be chance for people to ask questions, see the cracking in the pool and hear the latest information.


Clutha Development and Clutha District Council Media Release

Thursday 5 November 2015

Job Fair a great success

The Clutha-Dunedin Job Fair held in Dunedin yesterday was a great success with a strong turnout from both employers and job-seekers.

Clutha Development and Clutha District Council, in collaboration with Dunedin City Council, staged the event to promote job opportunities in the Clutha District to those living in Dunedin.

Using a speed dating format job seekers were able to book seven-minute slots with prospective employers during four-hour session from 3-7pm.

About 100 job seekers took part and 12 employers, including some of the Clutha District's largest employers.

There were roles on offer in the construction, primary industry, trade, local government and support services sectors.

Clutha District Mayor Bryan Cadogan said he was thrilled with the event , especially given it was the first time it had run.

"It was a tremendous response from both those looking for work and our local employers and I believe it'll be life changing for some of those who took part."

The fact is we've got more jobs in our district than people to fill them, so we're looking to Dunedin which is only an hour's drive away, he said.

"We are so fortunate as a district to have so many magnificent companies, but it is in everyone's best interest that we maximise their potential."

Clutha Development was the main organiser of the event and its chief executive Linda Moore was also heartened by the turnout.

"I was really impressed by the range of people who turned up, keen to find work and face up to potential employers".

The event is likely to run in the future.


Clutha District Council Media Release

Friday 6 November 2015

Residents' opinion of Council to be canvassed in annual survey

Clutha District residents will have the opportunity to rate the performance of the Clutha District Council during a resident satisfaction survey that gets underway next week (beginning 9 November).  

The telephone survey will be conducted by Key Research, on behalf of Council and will run for two to three weeks. 

Council's Senior Policy Analyst Larissa Brown said residents will be called at random on weeknights between the hours of 5.00pm and 9.00pm, and between 10.00am and 8.00pm on weekends.

"The survey gives residents a chance to tell Council what they think about a wide range of Council services that play an important part in our communities such as roads, public toilets, wheelie bins and libraries."

They'll also have the opportunity to rate the overall performance of Council, Mrs Brown said.

"I encourage people to participate in the survey if contacted, as the results play a valuable role in Council's planning for the future and let us know where we're performing well and where we need to do better."

The survey seeks to achieve a representation of residents across townships and rural areas of the Clutha District and across various age groups and gender.

The survey is expected to take around 10 minutes to complete and results are expected to be available later this year.

This is the ninth year Council has conducted a Resident Survey. Results from previous years are available on the Council website at   


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