Clutha District Council Weather/Roading Report Friday 7 August 2015, 4.30pm

Weather/roading report #2

Further to our earlier report today, the MetService is expecting a cold southerly flow to remain over the country on Sunday, with snow showers to 100 metres about southern parts of the South Island.

High level roads are expected to be affected, including higher roads about Dunedin.

There is a low risk of heavy snow about Clutha and eastern parts of Southland above 100 metres early Sunday.

Motorists are advised to drive to the conditions and to check conditions before leaving home. Be aware of black ice and sleet/hail making roads slippery as there have already been some vehicles go off the road as a result of this today.

Contractors are only able to clear roads once conditions improve and it can take some time for us to be advised of all road closures.

Remember to check the MetService website  for the latest weather information and the NZTA website  for information on State Highways.

For general advice about preparing for snowstorms, check out this information:


Clutha District Council Weather/Roading Report

Friday 7 August 2015, 10.05am

 Weather/roading report #1

 The MetService has issued a Severe Weather Watch for the possibility of heavy snow in southern Fiordland, Southland, Clutha and Dunedin.

 It says wintry showers about southern Fiordland should spread to Southland, Clutha and Dunedin this afternoon with snow expected above 100-200 metres, but could reach near sea level in heavier showers near the south coast.

 Snow accumulations could approach warning amounts in isolated areas above 200 metres until Saturday evening.

 Motorists are advised to drive to the conditions and to check conditions before leaving home.

 As usual, our contractors are only able to clear roads once conditions improve and it can take some time for us to be advised of all road closures.

 Remember to check the Met Service website  for the latest weather information and the NZTA website  for information on State Highways.

 For general advice about preparing for snowstorms, check out this information:   


Clutha District Council Media Release

Friday 7 August 2015

 Clutha Digital Survey – help our district get better internet services.

 The Government has announced plans to extend Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB), Rural Broadband coverage and its Mobile Black Spot programme across the country – and the Clutha District wants to take advantage of this. 

Local authorities, like the Clutha District Council, have the opportunity to make a submission about why their area needs better broadband and mobile coverage.

 To do this, we need to identify how our district could benefit both socially and economically from improved internet services and how we would maximise the use of such digital infrastructure.

 So, we're asking residents to please spend a few minutes filling out a survey about how you currently use the internet and what would make it easier for you to do so.

 We want as many individuals and businesses to respond as possible because your feedback will play a valuable part in developing our submission to increase fast broadband in district.

 Improved broadband services will impact on our lives in a positive way, for example through improved business activity, engaging more people in education and allowing us to enjoy better quality entertainment where and when we want it.

 It only takes a couple of minutes and all responses are confidential.

 If you are completing the survey as a resident click on this link:

 If you are completing the survey on behalf of a business click on this link:

Please forward the survey on to anyone you think might be interested.


West Otago News - a newsletter from the West Otago Community Board June/July 2015 (PDF 728kb)

Clutha District Council Media Release

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Nuggets Road Sealing Project Included in NZTA 2015-18 Transport Investment Programme

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has announced details of the projects that are included in the 2015-18 Otago Transport Investment Programme.  This includes provision for transportation maintenance and renewals programmes and significant capital projects.

Mr Jim Harland of the NZTA says the 2015-18 National Land Transport Programme represents a significant investment in New Zealand's transport system, with the country facing tight economic conditions, not all proposed activities could be fundeds. 

Clutha District Council has noted that the Nuggets Road Sealing project is included in the programme and is identified as one of four key projects  to help create transport solutions for a thriving Otago. 

The 2015-18 NZTA Transport Investment Programme includes provision for the Nuggets Road Sealing work at a budget of $2.6 million.  This is proposed to be funded with $1.6 million investment from the NZTA and about $1 million funded by Council from an internal loan.  The Council funding was consulted on as a project in the Long Term Plan and the decision was made to approve the funding subject to the NZTA contribution.

Council will now proceed with detailed design work and further cost estimates for this project.  It is anticipated that the project will be tendered for construction over the coming summer construction season.

Manager District Assets, Jules Witt said that Council looked forward to the improved safety and driving experience that this project will bring to a key destination in the Catlins area for both locals and tourists.


Clutha District Council Media Release

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Creative Communities Funding Scheme - open for applications from 1 July 2015

If you're looking for funding to support a local project then you should check out the Creative Communities Funding Scheme which provides funding for a broad range local arts.

Examples of projects which funding could be applied for include exhibitions, productions, concerts, festivals,  training workshops and presentations that offer opportunities for community involvement in the arts; or activities that support the traditions and arts of ethnic communities.

The scheme is  administered by Clutha District Council on behalf of Creative New Zealand and supports arts and cultural activities that increase participation and make the arts more attractive and relevant to communities in the Clutha District.

In previous funding rounds, successful applicants included:

  • South Otago Creative Fibre ($1,482) to hold a public dyeing and needle felting course and then a specialised workshop.

  • Strong Black Coffee Productions of West Otago ($5,000) to create a show that brings original wearable art and fashion together.

  • West Otago Theatrical Society ($2,806) to perform and stage Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

  • South Otago Spinners and Weavers ($1,330) to hold weekend workshops for learning to spin, weave and knit.

  • West Otago Remembers ($2,000) to hold an event for Anzac Day 2015.

  • Balclutha Pipe Band ($1,220) to bring a pipe tutor and drum tutor for weekend seminars.

The funding scheme operates four times a year and the three main criteria for applications are:

Participation: The project will create opportunities for local communities to engage with or participate in arts activities, for example: workshops on printmaking, creation of a public artwork, artist residencies, performances by singers or dancers. 

Diversity: the project will support the diverse arts and cultural traditions of local communities, for example: performances by local migrant communities, workshops by groups with experience of disability, exhibitions of Maori heritage.

Young people: your project will enable young people (i.e. under 18 years) to engage with, and actively participate in the arts, for example: printing a collection of writing by young people, young people creating street art.

The closing date for the next round of funding is Friday, 28 August 2015, and we strongly encourage anyone with an arts or cultural project in mind to get in touch with Council and check their eligibility.

Application forms and further information are available on the Council website:

Clutha District Council Media Release

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Council announces strategic purchase of industrial land in Balclutha

In keeping with the support shown through the recent Long Term Plan process for Council to take a leadership role in driving our district's economy, Council has purchased 8 hectares of the former Rosebank Sawmill site after being approached by Heartland Bank.

Council Chief Executive Steve Hill said the purchase was consistent with Council's new economic development strategy that was recently adopted along with the Long Term Plan, following public consultation.

"The strategy provides for Council to be more proactive about promoting growth and business investment, including jobs, and allows it to get on and take up opportunities, as long as any decision is, at worst, rates neutral."

For some time now, Council has been identifying non-strategic properties it currently owns and selling them to establish a fund to make future key purchases, such as the sawmill site, without a cost to ratepayers, Mr Hill said.

"Converting the Rosebank sawmill site into an industrial park needs to happen now because we know there is a demand from our businesses to expand, as well as a demand for businesses to locate here."

Council has identified that action needs to be taken in both Balclutha and Milton to facilitate future growth in the towns.

Mayor Bryan Cadogan said he would like to see business-owners use this opportunity as a catalyst to grow their investment in the district.

"This was an opportunity Council could not pass up, especially when we are capable of driving development on a rates neutral basis. With Council's primary objective being to facilitate growth, not make a profit, it allows us to offer affordable sites in a district that has been starved of options for a generation."

To that end, Council planned to ensure maximum yield and quality development of the site as an industrial park for the benefit of the community, Mayor Cadogan said.

There will be opportunities for any size business to advise Council of its needs and for potential developers and investors to advise us of their interests, so the site can be developed to its maximum potential.

At the same time, Council will also provide an opportunity for those interested in purchasing the site's existing assets to make their interests known. 

Council will move quickly to let the public know of the available opportunities.

Brendan Cody of Heartland Bank said after an earlier purchaser withdrew, the bank wanted to avoid this site being land-banked and lying idle.

"We recognised the importance of this site and what it could mean to the future development of the local area so we approached the Council and we are pleased at the positive opportunities this site can now provide for the community."


Road Closure, Tuesday 23 June 2015

Koi Flat Road in West Otago will remain closed at the bridge while engineers carry out further assessments.

Flooding is believed to have damaged the bridge abutments.

Motorists can use Charters Road as a bypass.


Road Closures, Monday 22 June 2015


Koi Flat Road in West Otago is closed at the bridge due to a dropout in the road as you approach the bridge. It will be assessed on Tuesday and more information will be available then.

Chaslands Highway is closed from Papatowai due to a slip.

Traffic is being diverted down Tahakopa Valley Road.

The road is also closed from the Niagara-Tokanui Highway and Chaslands Highway intersection.

The slip has occurred in Southland District Council's roading area.

Southland Council group manager services and assets Ian Marshall said contractors are on site now and there may be some issues for residents, but safety is paramount.

"The slip was identified last night with one lane closed then, but half the road collapsed about 3pm this afternoon and it has been necessary to close off the highway."

Council will assess the options for reopening the road once the risks are fully understood, Mr Marshall said.

Friday, 19 June 2015, 5.15pm

Weather/roading report #3

Cairn Road in the Slopedown/Owaka area is closed due to a slip.

Motorists are advised to drive with care on roads following the recent rain which has caused some scouring and other damage.

The MetService is predicting a strong, cold southerly flow is expected to spread over the South Island on Sunday.  Snow showers are likely to affect the far south (southern Fiordland, Southland, Clutha, central Otago and Dunedin) and Banks Peninsula to near sea level on Sunday. It advises that snow accumulations are not expected to reach warning criteria during this time, however, temperatures are likely to be bitterly cold in exposed places, with disruption possible about some high level roads.

Friday, 19 June 2015, 10.30am

Weather/roading report #2

There are no new road closures to report after the Clutha District escaped the worst of the recent rain and snow. We will be keeping a watch on the next cold weather system that is expected to reach us on Sunday and advise those travelling to drive to the conditions or avoid travel if possible.

The following is the latest information on this from the Metservice:

A strong, cold southerly flow is expected to spread over the South Island on Sunday, then over the North Island on Monday. Snow showers are likely to affect the far south (southern Fiordland, Southland, Clutha, central Otago and Dunedin) and Banks Peninsula to near sea level on Sunday, then to 2 to 300 metres about the lower North Island on Monday.

There is a low confidence of severe southwest gales about the Otago coast and Banks Peninsula on Sunday.

A ridge of high pressure moves across the South Island later on Monday, while southerlies over the North Island strengthen into Tuesday.

Meanwhile, during this time, severe frosts are likely about inland parts of the South Island.

Following last week's flooding Cannibal Bay Road remains closed from Ahuriri flat to the beach, access is only from Owaka Highway. Work to clear this road is expected to begin on Monday, weather permitting. Mouats Saddle Road remains closed.

Weather/roading report #1

Thursday 18 June 2015, 1pm

The MetService has advised that while the Clutha District is not likely to be as hard hit by the bad weather as predicted, it has issued a Snow Watch which covers the possibility of heavy snow in southern parts of Otago, Southland and eastern parts of Fiordland overnight Thursday and early Friday morning, where snow accumulation about 200 metres may be significant.

Motorists are advised to drive to the conditions and to check conditions before leaving home on Friday morning.

Council's Emergency Management Officer is monitoring the situation and  working with the key agencies.

If snow does fall, then any affected roads will cleared in accordance with Council's policy, meaning roads will start to be cleared when no further snow is expected  within 24 hours and so that as many residences are given access as soon as possible. 

Currently, Cannibal Bay Road remains closed from Ahuriri flat to the beach, access is only from Owaka Highway. Work to clear this road is expected to begin on Monday, weather permitting.

Mouats Saddle Road remains closed, but Puketiro Road re-opened this morning.

For general advice about preparing for snowstorms, check out this information:  

A further update on conditions will be issued on Friday morning, but remember to check the MetService website for the latest weather information and the NZTA website for information on State Highways  

Weather/Roading Report Clutha District #2

Monday, 15 June 2015, 1pm

In the Catlins, Mouats Saddle Road is closed due to a slip, Puketiro Road is also closed and Cannibal Bay Road (from Ahuriri flat to the beach) remains closed from last week.

There is surface flooding on some roads throughout the district but at this stage they are passable if drivers take care.

Please remember to drive to the conditions.

Weather/Roading Report Clutha District #1

Monday, 15 June 2015, 9am.

There is currently surface flooding and lots of slips on roads, mainly in West Otago, Pomahaka, Popotunoa, Clinton and the Catlins.

There is also the chance of snow on high country roads.

People need to drive with caution and to the conditions.


Clutha District Council Media Release

Friday 5 June 2015

Council urges farmers and growers to take the opportunity to get rid of banned pesticides and harmful agrichemicals

Clutha District Council is encouraging people to take advantage of a free nationwide collection to get rid of banned pesticides stored on rural properties.

The 'Great DDT Muster' gives farmers and growers a free and confidential opportunity to register banned POPs (persistent organic pollutants)  for safe collection and disposal.

POPs were used in many insecticides and sheep dip products from the 1940s to the 1970s, before being banned in 2004 because of the negative effect on people's health and the environment.

DDT was the most common chemical compound but there are about a dozen in total including Lindane, Aldrin, Dieldrin, and Chlordane.

Farmers might recognise brands such as Young's Sheep Dip, Cooper's Louse Powder or Cleanso.

More information about POPs and how to register for free collection can be found at  or by calling 0800 247 326.

The pesticides will collected in partnership with the Agrecovery Rural Recycling Programme which collects unwanted or expired agrichemicals.

Now is the chance for Otago and Southland farmers and growers to take advantage of the latest Agrecovery chemical collection, which offers them the chance to safely dispose of other unwanted or expired agrichemicals (with many free of charge or subsidised).

In the last collection held in 2013 in Otago and Southland, just over 3,700kg of unwanted agrichemicals were disposed of, that was nearly 14% of the national volume collected that year.

Farmers and growers need to book in by 26 June 2015 at  or call 0800 247 326.

Council Waste Minimisation Officer Laura Gourley said both the Great DDT Muster and the Agrecovery Rural Recycling Programme were a perfect chance for farmers and growers to get rid of  banned, potentially dangerous or expired pesticides and chemicals.

"Don't wait, it's an easy process to take part in, simply ring 0800 247 326 to make the most of this opportunity."


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