Friday 23 January 2015

Balclutha Centennial Swimming Pool Closing for Maintenance & Change of Weekend Hours

The Balclutha Centennial Swimming Pool will close for two days  from 9 am  on Wednesday 4 February and all day Thursday 5 February. 

The pool will re-open again on Waitangi Day, 6 February, from 10 am until 4.30pm.

Weekend hours will also revert back from 7 February to 1pm - 4.30pm for Saturdays and from 10.30am until midday & 1pm - 4.30pm for  Sundays.

Clutha District Council Corporate Services Manager Alan Dickson said the brief shut down was so a water meter and other plant maintenance work could be carried out to make the filtration system run more efficiently.

Mr Dickson said the dates had been chosen to cause the least disruption to pool users, with the school year having started again by then.

Council regrets any inconvenience caused to members of the public wanting to use the pool on those days, but the maintenance work needs to be done to ensure continued reliable operation of the pool, Mr Dickson said.

The pool has been running well and without any major temperature problems since re-opening in September following its annual shutdown period over winter, during which upgrades were made to the water heating system.


Monday 19 January 2015

Balclutha Main Street Upgrade Closer to Construction

Balclutha's main street upgrade is now in its last stage of preparation with the detailed design, drawings and specifications needed for the tender document being finalised.

Council expects to advertise for tenders to carry out this final phase of the project on 31 January.

Manager District Assets Jules Witt said a three-week tender period should mean a tender could be awarded by mid-March. 

He said considerable work had been done to get to this point of construction.

"It's exciting to think construction work on the main street may be able to start at the earliest by the end of March, especially after all the hard work and energy that has gone into the streetscape upgrade."

While construction could start as early as the end of March, the tender does provide for an alternative later start date of late May or early June if substantial savings could be made by  construction companies working outside the peak construction period.

Mayor Bryan Cadogan said that, like everyone else, he was keen to see the project start.

"We have waited so long for this day but it is imperative we get the timing right, so the disruption to businesses on the main street is balanced against the optimal period for construction and potential savings in tender prices."

"We are only going to get 'one shot' at this and our overriding responsibility is to get the best value for the ratepayer money being spent. So, while delays may be frustrating, it will be worth it in the end," Mayor Cadogan said.



Tuesday 2 December 2014

Car Parking Survey

Clutha District Council will be conducting random parking surveys in Balclutha and Milton during the next two weeks before enforcing parking offences in the period leading up to Christmas.

 This follows recent complaints about people parking for too long on the main streets of the two towns.

 During this survey period, any vehicles parked for too long in restricted parking areas, for example car parks marked P60, will be given a reminder of their overstay.

 From the week beginning Monday December 15 until Christmas Eve, parking tickets will be issued ranging from $12 to $57 depending on how long a vehicle occupies a car parking space.

 Mayor Bryan Cadogan said it was not a revenue gathering exercise.

 "This is to help our local retailers by keeping car parks turning over, so that they are available for all to use, especially during the busy Christmas shopping period."

 Mayor Cadogan said there were plenty of other public parking areas behind many of the main street shops and down the side streets.

 "People shopping and doing business in our two main towns can do this with ease and don't have to pay for parking, or use parking buildings to find a space."


Thursday 13 November 2014

Hina Hina Bridge

Clutha District Council is aware of some concerns locally about the state of the Hina Hina Bridge, located near Owaka.

Weight and speed restrictions for the bridge were implemented approximately five years ago and the Council’s expert bridge consultant inspects the bridge regularly and reviews its safety.

The bridge was inspected in October, just last week and then again today (November 13) to determine if any new deterioration, which would be of concern, had taken place.

The latest expert advice based on an inspection today is that there is no cause for concern about the immediate future of the bridge given the current weight and speed restrictions in place.

There are two issues Council is urging people to be aware of, firstly there is a potential risk to people or water craft travelling under the bridge from falling debris and secondly, further potential damage to the bridge from overloaded vehicles.

Signs have been purchased and will be erected in the next few days to warn people about the risk of falling debris and people are encouraged not to linger under the bridge.

The local yacht club has also been contacted to advise members not to sail under the bridge.

The Council is looking at narrowing the bridge to discourage use by heavy vehicles and there will be increased monitoring to determine heavy vehicle use.

Members of the public are welcome to report any sightings of heavy vehicles using the bridge to Council.

In the next few months and within the Long Term Plan Process Council will be considering the long term future of the bridge; this will take into account the current climate of constrained roading funding and will include an economic assessment of the bridge.

It is worth noting that any proposed work on the Hina Hina Bridge is likely to require New Zealand Transport Agency approval for it to be affordable.   




Friday 24 October 2014

Residents get the chance to rate their Council's performance

 Clutha residents have the opportunity to rate the performance of the Clutha District Council during a resident satisfaction survey that gets underway next week. 

 The survey, which is being conducted by telephone on behalf of Council by Key Research, begins on Tuesday 28 October and will run for two to three weeks.  

 Council's Senior Policy Analyst Larissa Brown said residents will be called at random on weeknights between the hours of 5.00pm and 9.00pm, and between 10.00am and 8.00pm on weekends.

 "They will be asked about a range of Council services, including water, roads, wheelie bins, public toilets, libraries and swimming pools,  as well as the overall performance of Council. The survey is an opportunity for those contacted to tell Council what they think."

 The telephone survey is expected to take around 10 minutes to complete and results are expected to be available later this year.

 The survey seeks to achieve a representation of residents across townships and rural areas of the Clutha District and across various age groups and gender.

 This is the eighth year Council has conducted a Resident Survey. Results from previous years are available on the Council website at




 Friday 24 October 2014


Balclutha Centennial Swimming Pool Extended Summer Hours And Seasonal Pool Openings


Clutha residents will have the chance to spend more time in the water this summer when the Balclutha Centennial Pool extends its weekend opening hours.


 From 1 November 2014 through to 1 February 2014 the pool will be open from 10.00am to 4.30pm on both Saturday and Sunday.


 Currently the weekend hours are 1.00pm - 4.30pm on Saturday and 10.30am -12.00pm and 1.00pm - 4.30pm on Sunday.


 Council's District Pools Supervisor Holly Ramsay said the extended opening hours followed submissions from residents to the district annual plan.


 "It is a three month trial to see how popular longer opening hours will be, if people come in and use the pool then we can look at extending the trial period or implementing it again next summer."


 The summer season at Milton Centennial Pool begins at 3.00pm on Monday, November 3.


 The Kaitangata Pool will open mid-November.


 The Lawrence Pool is opening for a reduced season on December 22.







Thursday 04 September 2014

 Balclutha Centennial Swimming Pool Annual Closedown

The Balclutha Centennial Swimming Pool has reopened following the annual shutdown period that lasted four weeks. 

The shutdown allowed for maintenance to be carried out in addition to work identified by an independent review of the pool water heating system.    The bulk of this work was to address issues with pool water temperature variability.

The upgrades to the pool water heating system have been successful thus far and the performance of the system is being closely monitored.

Additionally, during the shutdown we investigated areas that may have contributed to water loss that had closed the pool for a short period earlier in the year.  Within the areas investigated no primary source of water loss could be identified. 

To do further investigation would require a substantially longer shutdown with no guarantee we would find an answer.  There is still therefore the potential of water loss affecting the pool temperature but we will be monitoring the situation and the maintenance work just carried out has made a substantial positive improvement to pool temperature variability.



For further information/comment, please contact:

Steve Hill

Chief Executive

Phone: 03 419 0200


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