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Council operates the following funding schemes (click for more information):



Council has a Biodiversity Fund for activities that protect or enhance Biodiversity in the Clutha District.


More information about the fund criteria and eligibility is available by downloading the Policy on Biodiversity Funding below.


Applications should be made by downloading and completing the Application Form below.


For more information, please contact Council's Regulatory Services Department on 03 419 0200 during office hours.


Adobe Acrobat DocumentPolicy on Biodiversity Funding (PDF, 18kb, opens new window)

Adobe Acrobat DocumentApplication Form for Biodiversity Funding (PDF, 27kb, opens new window)





We may be able to provide assistance provided the following criteria are met:

  • The organisation making the application is a non-profit organisation.

  • The organisation provides a service to, or is undertaking a project, that benefits residents of the Clutha District.

There are two types of assistance:

  • Reimbursement of Council fees and charges (including reimbursement of hire charges for community centres and community halls). No grants will be made for reimbursement of liquor licensing fees.


    • Aims to support organisations by helping reduce the costs of one-off projects or events.

    • Is capped at a maximum of $2,000 per organisation in any given financial year.

    • Excludes reimbursement of liquor licensing fees.

    • Please note Community Centre or Hall Hire reimbursement does not include reimbursement of costs for regular use, e.g. weekly, monthly or quarterly.


  • Reimbursement of rents for properties leased from Council


    • Aims to help reduce costs for organisations leasing Council property.

    • Up to $2,000 per organisation, per annum, is available.

Any other requests for funding assistance from Council need to be made as a submission to the Long Term/Annual Plan.


Please read Council's policy on Council Reimbursement below to see whether your organisation might be eligible, or for further information please contact us on 03 419 0200 during office hours. 


Adobe Acrobat DocumentPolicy on Council Reimbursement (PDF, 19kb, opens new window)
Adobe Acrobat DocumentApplication for Council Reimbursement (PDF, 19kb, opens new window)


Creative Communities NZ Funding Scheme

Creative Communities NZ logo. The primary focus of this scheme is to stimulate and provide support to arts and cultural activities that increase participation and/or increase the range and diversity, making the arts more attractive and relevant to the various communities in the Clutha District.

The funding scheme operates four times a year, closing on the last Friday of February, May, August and November respectively. An assessment committee comprising of council, community, Iwi and Arts Council representatives meet to consider the applications.

Adobe Acrobat DocumentCreative Communities Funding Application 2013-14 (PDF, 130kb, new window)


Telford Rural Polytechnic Bursary


Council offers a bursary once a year to students at Telford Rural Polytechnic who are studying towards the Diploma in Rural Business and/or the Telford Certificate in Agriculture. A panel of councillors interviews all the applicants before a recipient is selected.
Applications for this year's Bursary close 30 April 2014
Adobe Acrobat Document   Telford Bursary Application Form (PDF, 25kb, new window)

1.       The Clutha District Council Bursary was established in 1993, for a student at Telford Rural Polytechnic studying towards the Diploma of Agriculture, which was renamed the Diploma in Rural Business. The bursary shall be awarded to a student(s) studying towards the Diploma in Rural Business and/or the Telford Certificate in Agriculture.


2.       The purpose of the bursary is to encourage persons from New Zealand to attend Telford Rural Polytechnic to study towards a Certificate.


3.       The bursary shall be offered annually.


4.       Successful recipient(s) are not precluded from re-applying in subsequent years.


5.       The recipient(s) shall be selected on the basis of:

(a)          Enrolment for the Diploma in Rural Business and/or for the Telford Certificate in Agriculture

          (b)          Financial circumstances

          (c)          Results of or marks gained in an examination or assignment

          (d)          Personality and character.


6.       The applicant should outline in his/her application the involvement and contribution they wish to make in the future to the agricultural industries of New Zealand.


7.       The total value of the bursary shall be $1,500.00 per annum.


8.       The bursary funds may be allocated to one or more recipient(s).


9.       The bursary shall be tenable for one year.


10.     The recipient(s) will be selected by representatives of the Clutha District Council.


11.     The decision of the granting of any bursary by the Council under this scheme shall be final and no appeal or reconsideration will be entered into.


12.     The applicants will be required to attend a short interview.


13.     The Council may refrain from making an award if it finds no candidate of sufficient merit.


14.     The Council reserves the right to publicly announce the results of any bursary awarded.


15.     The successful recipient(s) will be required to make a presentation to the Clutha District Council.


16.     Payment of the bursary shall be by presentation of half of the amount awarded to the recipient(s) at the Council presentation, with payment of the remaining half on completion of the year’s study.


Tuapeka County Bursary


Applications are now being accepted for the Tuapeka County Bursary. 


This bursary fund is available to students who reside in the former Tuapeka County and Roxburgh, Tapanui and Lawrence Borough areas and is designed to assist them in their attendance at tertiary education institutes.


A minimum bursary of $1,000 is available on an annual basis and will be paid to the successful applicant(s) by 1 April 2014.


Applications for this year's bursary have now closed.


Adobe Acrobat DocumentTuapeka County Bursary Information Sheet (PDF, 21kb, opens new window)



Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund


The Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund is designed to help subsidise travel for junior teams participating in local sport competition.


Application for the Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund is open to rural sports clubs and rural school teams with young people aged between 5-19 years who require subsidies to assist with transport expenses to local sporting competitions (this excludes travel to regional or national events).


Applications will be for travel expenses that will be incurred for the period 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2014. The closing date for applications is Friday 8 November 2013.


Additional information is available by contacting Alison Ludemann at the Council administration office on 0800 801 350 during office hours.



Youth Council Development Fund


Applications are now being called for the 2014 Youth Council Development Fund


The aim... is to provide the young people of the Clutha District with access to a personal development fund which has been established to assist young people in reaching their goals.

The purpose... of this fund is to ensure that young people can make the most of every opportunity available to them, by helping to remove the barrier of financial limitations.

The funding... will be an amount of up to $2,000. The number of recipients and amount awarded to each individual will be flexible, depending upon applications received during each annual funding round.

The process... will involve young people in the community submitting a letter or story (in writing or video) about why they require the funding. The Clutha District Youth Council will decide on a shortlist of  applicants who will then be interviewed by an interview panel consisting of nominated youth councillors, a councillor and a staff member.

The criteria... for applying includes the following:

  • The applicants must be between the ages of 12 and 24

  • The applicants must live in the Clutha District

  • The applicants will be required to provide clear information about the intended use of the fund

  • Applications will be in writing describing the reason for the funding and the desired outcomes, as well as, a plan about how the applicant intends on raising the remaining necessary funds for their project/course/sport/event/camp/training or other

  • Applications must include the day-time contact details of a reference person who can verify the information included in the application. e.g. a coach, teacher, team leader

  • The applications must be received by the final cut off date and time.

  • The applicants must be willing to have their photos used for promotional material if selected

  • Successful applicants may not reapply for this fund a second time

  • The scholarship must be used within 12 months of receipt of the fund

  • Applications for retrospective costs (i.e. where the project has already been completed) will not be considered


The intended outcome... is that there will be more young people in the Clutha District reaching their full potential as members of the community through the help of the Youth Development Fund.


It is hoped that the allocation of this resource will ensure that young people are able to access opportunities which will enhance their personal development and growth, by providing financial support for them to achieve their goals and aspirations.


Applications close Tuesday 4 June 2014


Adobe Acrobat Document Clutha District Youth Council Youth Development Fund Application Form (PDF, 25kb, opens new window)


For additional information on any of these funding schemes please Email us.


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